Thursday, January 20, 2011

HG RX-93 Nu-Gundoom (MC Model)

Manufacturer: MC Model (
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG Evolved
Origin: Char's Counterattack
Price: RM70 (some time, I do get special price :p market price varies from RM70 to RM90)

Work in Progress

Part 1: Leg

The following pictures are comparison between Bandai's HGUC Nu-Gundam and MCModel's Nu-Gundoom. As you can see, Gundoom has more detailing as compare to the original version.

Gundoom's leg is a little longer than the original, just by a fraction of millimeters ;) The Gundoom also has better leg articulation.

Part 2: Torso

The skirts are slightly longer than the original, but with great detailing! However, the plastic used is a bit thin and do not have the solid feeling of the original :)

Nice detailing...

Even the back skirt can be folded upward, where the original's fixed ;)

Part 3 - Chest/Abdomen

The abdomen is engraved with nice detailing and I like it. The chest is pretty nice but the breast (yellow outlets on the chest :p) seems odd...

Part 4 - Head and Arms

The detailing on the shoulders and arms are very nice... just wish that the manufacturer could do better to hide the very obvious parts separation line :p Instead of using sticker for the marking on the left shoulder, the Gundoom had the emblem embrossed on the shoulder! I used my red colour permanent marker on it and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

The head is pretty neat... the helmet comes in 1-piece, where the face and the chin are slotted into the helmet from the bottom... very thoughtful design for those who like to colour the kit ;) Some would say the Bandai version is more handsome but the Gundoom's head is not bad either ;)

I am enjoying this kit so far :)

Part 5 - Weaponry

Nu-Gundoom comes with quite a number of additions in weaponry department ;) It has: -
  • 1 beam rifle (same as Bandai),
  • 2 Bazookas (yup, TWO as apposed to 1 by Bandai) with some new playability I shall reveal later :p,
  • 2 large beam saber (only 1 from Bandai),
  • 1 normal beam saber (same as Bandai),
  • and 2 sets of Fin Funnels (TWO! A total of 12 Fin Funnels!)

Beam Rifle

The Beam Rifle is very identical to Bandai's Nu-Gundam... the only difference is that there are latch at both sides of the handle so the rifle can be held by either right hand or left hand ;)

On the left/top is Nu-Gundam's and on the right/bottom is Nu-Gundooms. They almost looks the same!


Nu-Gundoom comes with 2 Bazookas! The length of the Nu-Gundoom's Bazooka is slightly longer than Nu-Gundam's, but it looks the same aside from that. Same as the Beam Rifle, the Bazooka can be held by either right or left hand ;)

On the left/top is Nu-Gundam's and the right/bottom is Nu-Gundoom's.


The shield is the most significant difference among the weaponry. Nu-Gundoom's shield has gone through a face-lift to add in some pretty neat detailing! The size of the shield is slightly larger, and the emblem is 3D instead of marking sticker ;)

On the left is Nu-Gundam's and on the right is Nu-Gundoom's.


Nice detailing added to the backpack :) At this point, no big difference between the two.

On the left is Nu-Gundam's, and on the right is Nu-Gundoom's.

Fin Funnels

The fin funnels is exactly the same as Bandai's. In terms of quality, Bandai's is still a little better in the Fin Funnels department :)

I don't think I need to tell which is Nu-Gundam and which is Nu-Gundoom, right? Let's take a look at the side-by-side comparison of the full kit with standard weaponry ;)


Finally, my Nu-Gundoom is completed! Hope you guys enjoy the following pictures ;)

Standard Weaponry

This is the standard configuration for Nu-Gundoom, which is same as the Nu-Gundam. The MS would be equipped with: -
  • 1 x Fin Funnels System (with 6 Fin Funnels attached)
  • 1 x Hyper Bazooka
  • 1 x Beam Rifle
  • 1 x Hyper Beam Saber
  • 1 x Normal Beam Saber
  • 1 x Shield (with a beam cannon + 4 missiles)

Assault Mode

Nu-Gundoom in this mode is equipped with 2 x Hyper Bazooka on the backpack, and another 2 x Hyper Bazooka one hand each for maximum fire power in the battle field.

The kit only comes with 2 x Hyper Bazooka, so I "borrowed" 1 x Hyper Bazooka from Nu-Gundam for the right hand, and equip the Beam Rifle and shield on the left :p

Double Fin Funnel System

Nu-Gundoom in this mode would capitalise on Amuro's Newtypes ability to the fullest! With 12 Fin Funnels on Amuro's disposal, Nu-Gundoom would be formidable in both defensive and offensive fight!

Continue with Decals ;)

Fin :)


  1. nicely assembled !!
    and nice item !!

  2. great review there..

    when i first heard about Nu Gundoom.. i'm excited but seriously don't have any idea how the kit will be since there are no orignal Bandai ver of it (correct me if i'm wrong)

    from you review.. it seems that this is a MUST HAVE for gunpla fans..

    i have built a few TT kit before.. any significant differences in term of plastic quality?

  3. @ Ahmad

    This Nu-Gundoom is not by TT Hongli but another China manufacturer named McModel. The quality is above what TT has to offer, and it is pretty nice compare to Bandai's.

    The only difference is that the plastic is a bit softer than Bandai's so one need to be a bit more gentle in smoothing the surface with penknife :)

    To me, this is a must-have for Nu-Gundam Fan ;)

  4. i have built a few 1/144 TT..
    most of the time the joint won't stand very well.. with time it tend to 'loose'..

    do you experience any of this with McModel?

  5. @ mazaziman: Thanks ;)

    @ Ahmad: So far I do not have any issue with McModel's Nu-Gundoom ;) The joints are still alright :)

  6. just ordered this kit, hopefully will arrive soon on my desk :)

  7. @ Maseko: I'm sure you'll enjoy this kit ;)

  8. i think you had the chest yellow parts switched.. ^_^ that why it is kinda weird to look at.

  9. MC Model did it that way... there is no other way to snap-fit the piece the way you mentioned unless glue ;)

  10. i have one of this. its very great!!!