Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Perfect Grade" BB Liu Bei (TT Hongli)

Manufacturer: TT Hongli
Scale: None
Grade: "Perfect Grade" SD
Origin: TT Hongli Mech-Hero Three-Kingdom

Pre-Order: RM35 per unit (COD price)
Pre-Order Set of 3 (different or same model): RM99 per set (COD price)

Quick Review

This is my 2nd straight build of the series :)

I was still surprised to see that TT Hongli is actually releasing their own casting of Three-Kingdom SD model kits, when Bandai's casting of Sangokuden is so well known and well thought off...

Well, this quick review would be quite similar to Zhang Fei that I did earlier :)

Plastic Quality
  • The plastic quality is very nice. Lookout, Bandai!

Colour Separation
  • Well, TT Hongli did a pretty good job here. Can be better tho, for the cloak... since there are to a big portion of gold-coloured section on the cloak, TT Hongli should make separate parts just like the head ;)

  • The sticker is not good... colour come off if scrubbed too hard with hands, and there is a lot of sticker usage for this kit... :(

  • Head/Neck: Good... ball joint, movement is great for the head/neck ;)
  • Shoulder: Good... The shoulder is connected to the shoulder armour which then connects to the body but the armour doesn't interfere with the movement like what happened to Zhang Fei :)
  • Elbow: Elbow can be bend 90 degrees! Hardly see this feature in Bandai's SD/BB ;)
  • Hand/Wrist: As usual.
  • Torso: As usual, can twist left & right :)
  • Hip: Ball joint to the tight... movement is pretty good.
  • Knee: An SD/BB with knee that can bend nearly to 90 degrees! Nuff say ;)
  • Ankle/Feet: Ball joint... quite good movement ;)
  • The articulation system is a little ahead of Bandai's SD/BB of the same price range.

  • Good.

Things to look out for...
  • Nothing particularly easy-broken :) Just don't rub the stickers with you fingers... use a cotton butt to press instead or else the colour would come off and showing silver colour instead...

  • This is good to have for a change. TT Hongli could do better with this kit but I see no flaw still... the end result is quite satisfying ;)


The helmet and accessories are pretty nice, but the head is just a bit odd... maybe some colouring would make it better :p


Quite ordinary... coloring by stickers as to most of Bandai's BB but pretty easy to re-colour it :)

Shoulder and Arm

Very well design. I like those :) The elbow can bend 90 degrees so its GOOD!


Front and back skirt can move a bit... side skirts can move outward! Nice!


Quite good movement :) Leg is longer than usual SD/BB, and the knee can bend almost to 90 degrees ;)


Nicely designed and I like this! However, TT Hongli could do better making separate parts for the gold colour instead of using stickers since the put the "Perfect Grade" on the box ;)

The joints could be conceal better tho...

Closed Cloak

Open Cloak


The twin sword :) Pretty neat design and can be held at the back of the cloak.

Liu Bei, Full-Cloak (Defensive) Mode

Resemble Crossbone Full-Cloak and Master Gundam ;) Stylish!

Side-by-Side Comparison with Bandai's BB

The "Perfect Grade" is a bit taller than ordinary BB :)

Liu Bei, Open-Cloak (Offensive) Mode

Pretty balanced ;) Just wished that the inner cloak was taken care off by the manufacturer too (look much better from the back angle :p). I guess they leave something for mods ;)

Great Pose-ability

Articulations are very good and can do a variety of pose :)

Posing With Zhang Fei!

Fin ;)

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