Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Action Stand - OMNI & ZAFT Version (LX)

Got a small amount of this action stands as filler together with my latest shipment so decided to do a quick review ;)

Price: RM30 per pair excluding postage (Email me at for availability)
Manufacturer: LX (China)

Z.A.F.T. Version

O.M.N.I Version

Quick Review

These stands are compatible with Action Stand 1 and the standard MG connectors comes with most of the newer kits ;)

The only disappointment is the base came in single-color instead of the multiple color seen on the cover or some web photo. Nevertheless, this is a good addition as there's no SEED themed action stand even from Bandai themselves ;)

Fin :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

MG GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam (Bandai)

Hi guys, while waiting for my Daban MG EX-S, I did a commissioning work on Bandai MG Aegis Gundam and here's my review for this charming kit ;)

Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Origin: SEED
Price: 4800 Yen

Section 1: Runners

Detailing is very good, and parts separation are excellent!

Section 2: Decals & Accessories  

This kit comes with a dry-sticker decals, dry-transfer decals and foil stickers. The quality is excellent!

Section 3: Skeleton Build

My usual skeleton build ;) 

The Legs

Detailing and articulations are fantastic!

The Chest

The design of the chest is different as compare to the other 4 kits due to Aegis' transformation mechanism... you can see that the shoulder joint is not here at the main chest area ;)

The neck articulation is pretty good. The torso is connected to the waist unit with a ball joint but since there is no overweight backpack or lopsided shoulder equipment, no balancing or weight issue here ;)

The Waist Unit

Quite a complicated section due to the transformation mechanism ;)

The Arms

The arm and shoulder, please a portion of the body is actually a unit! This is the fantastic design that makes that arms and legs into equal length when transformed into MA mode... see the 3rd picture below for the transformation... does it looks like the leg? ;)

The Head

Excellent parts separation for the head :) There is also transformation mechanism on the head which I shall show in the later section ;)

The Binder/Thruster Units

This binders/Thrusters are to be mounted at the side of the waist (as side skirt). Though it is big, it is surprisingly not obstructing the great articulation of this kit ;)

Complete Skeleton without the Binder/Thruster Units The Head

Complete Skeleton with the Binder/Thruster Units The Head

Section 4: Transformation in Skeleton Mode ;)

While I will be showing detail transformation is my next update, let's take a look of the transformation in skeleton mode ;)

Transformation of the Arms and Body

Let start with the arms... the 2 side of the body unit would be leveled horizontally to form the equivalent of the tights. The arms are also leveled horizontally to form the 2 upper arms for the MA mode.

Transformation of the Legs

As for the legs, similar sequence applied in horizontally leveling the legs to form the 2 lower arms for the MA mode :)

The cockpit piece will then moved up to reveal the Scylla Energy Cannon.

Transformation into MA Mode

The 4 arms then are pushed forward at a diagonal angle to form the MA Mode ;)

More transformation picture shall be shared in my next update ;)

Section 5: The Legs

Very solid legs with excellent parts separation! There's no hindrance of movement and articulation after fixing the outer armor :)

Section 6: The Waist Unit

The waist unit is not as straight-forward due to transformation mechanism. The binder/thruster units shall be mounted at the to the waist unit as the side skirts.

Section 7: The Chest Unit

With the color separation of the outer armor, you can see clearer now the connection hole for the left and right body/shoulder sections

Section 8: The Arms, Shoulders, and the Left/Right Body Segment ;)

As the design for the transformation, the arms, shoulders and left/right body segment is assembled as one item. You can see the transformed version of this piece in the 2nd picture below ;)

As with the other 3 (Duel, Blitz & Buster), Bandai is giving fixed hands (manipulators) with moveable thumb and exchangeable fingers for various occasion (closed fist, open palm, beam rifle and beam saber).

Section 9: The Heads

As mentioned in skeleton build section, excellent head. These are some picture after applying decals ;)

Section 10: The Binder/Thruster Unit

Same as the head, the decal-applied version ;)

Section 11: Weaponry

High Energy Beam Rifle


Section 12: The Aegis Gundam

Completed kit with decals and flat top-coat :)

Section 13: Posing in MS Form

Highly articulated and very dynamic :)

Section 14: Transformation to MA Mode

Head and Stabilizer Transformation

Torso Transformation

Upper Arm Transformation

Lower Arm Transformation

Front Skirt Transformation

Final Transformation into MA Mode

Section 15: MA Attack Mode

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

Since this is a Bandai original, no issue on the quality of the plastic. As for detailing and parts separation, Bandai have done an excellent job.


Articulations are very good despite this is a transformable kit! I would said that this is the BEST transformable kit Bandai have made so far, with excellent transformation mechanism and articulations in MS mode!
  • Head/Neck: Excellent!
  • Shoulder: Very good!
  • Arm/Elbow: Excellent!
  • Wrist: Good.
  • Hand: Good.
  • Waist: Very Good!
  • Skirt Armour: Good.
  • Hip/Tight: Excellent!
  • Knee: Excellent!
  • Ankle: Good.
  • Feet: Good.

Looks and Feels

I kept wondering, when this kit was announced, about its transformation mechanism as we all know that arms are shorted then legs. I am very eager to see how Bandai make them into same length in MA mode without making an ape out of the MS mode, and Bandai did an EXCELLENT job here.

The binder/thruster units are a small hassle during transformation but this can be overcome by some patience during the transformation exercise :P I just wish that Bandai would provide a mechanism to lock the 4 arms together in MA mode instead of allowing free movement ;)

The decals are also in the right amount... not as much as a Ver. KA but good enough to improve the impression of the kit ;)

I'm giving this kit 100/100! I ABSOLUTELY loving this kit! Whether you are a SEED fan or not, this kit is a must have!

Fin ;)