Wednesday, June 24, 2015

HGBF Petit Beargguy (Bandai vs Dragon Momoko)

Hi guys :) This round I will be doing a quick comparison of Bandai (Light Blue) Petit Beargguy the comes with Beargguy Family, and Dragon Momoko (Pink).

Section 1: Head

First of all, the section that has the most parts, the head :)

The back of the head - inside

The back of the head - outside

The back of the head seems identical :)

The face - inside

The face - outside

The face also seems identical, but the Bandai version would have a small gap at both side of the ear to facilitate the removal of the ear(s) where the Dragon Momoko version does not have, as they have omitted the extra peg at the ears.

Could you observe the extra peg in the photo? That is what Bandai did to prevent the ear to fall off, where Dragon Momoko manage to overcome the issue by simply thicken the peg at the bottom of the ear(s).

The nose/mouth piece is identical too, with Bandai's nose sticker is much bigger than Dragon Momoko :P

Section 2: Body

At a glance at the assembled products, there are no difference. However, take a closer look at them and you realize that Bandai version is using a polycap on the back section of the body for the connecting hole for stand/base, where Dragon Momoko achieve the same functionality by extending a peg from the front section.

As for the ribbon, they are identical.

Body - front section

Body - front section

Body - back section

Body - back section

Section 3: Arms

Same design, same functionality :)

Section 4: Legs

Same design, same functionality too :P

Looking at the finished products, I can safely say that both are identical, with Dragon Momoko did a small bit of redesigning on achieving certain functionality without compromising the proportion, and the look and feel of Petit Beargguy :)

You can seriously consider this alternative if they are available in your local stores.

Cheers ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

HGBF Petit Beargguy (Dragon Momoko)

Hi guys, I'm back :) This round, I'll be doing a quick review on Dragon Momoko's Little Bear Family (Petit Beargguy).

Manufacturer: Dragon Momoko
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG
Series: Gundam Build Fighter
Price: RM18 - RM22

Section 1: Runners

This little bear(s) come in a set of 3, with colors different than the original by Bandai. The set of little bear comes in light brown (beige), light blue, and pink. Let take a look at the runners...

Light blue


Light brown / Beige

3 sets of common parts in white

2 sets of polycaps


Section 2: Assembly

Well, this kit is very straight-forward so I won't be writing much... let's see some pictures ;)

Head - parts


Body - parts


Legs - parts


Arms - parts


Chair / Connector with Beargguy :P

Assembly 1...

Assembly 2...

Assembly 3...

and here it is :)

Section 3: Photo Shooting :)

I just did some panel lining with the correspondence color and that's it :)

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

Pretty good job for Dragon Momoko replicating this in different colors, and selling in a set :p

Nothing to shout about, but this is a good alternative if you want to make a battalion of little bears... LOL :D


Articulations? What articulation? LOL... there is not much in this department...

Head/Neck: OK.
Shoulders: A little...
Arms/Elbow: None.
Waist: None.
Skirt Armor: None.
Hip/Tight: A little...
Knee: None.
Ankle: None.
Feet: A little...

Well, the expectation here is not the articulations, but the cuteness :D

Looks and Feels

Just like the original, minus the small stand, which is a let-down... but 3 for the price of 1 (original), I can foresee someone will make a battalion out of these (little) guys :)