Friday, September 21, 2018

Heavyarms Custom (Supernova)

Hi guys, long time :P Here comes Heavyarms Custom by Supernova.

As usual, big thanks to Station Wensin II for having me reviewing this kit ;)

Manufacturer: Supernova
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Series: Wing Gundam
Price: TBA

Section 1: Runners

The plastic is very nice, and as always, the parts uses mostly under-gates, which would help prevent unnecessary damage while cleaning nub marks.

Parts and color separation is done nicely and I would say this surpass any Bandai MG kit, and detailing are very nice too; you won't believe this kit I built is OOB with just panel lining :)

Snapfitting is excellent too!

Section 2: Gattling Guns

For this kit, I would do the Gattling Guns first :)

The parts and colors separation is so fantastic I am speechless.

Just see for yourself ;)

Supernova also included a simple yet effective weapon stand for good measure.

Now let's proceed with my usual sequence ;)

Section 3: Legs

Supernova leveled up pretty well :)

This foot is pretty straight-forward, but look quite nice. Supernova has up a notch comparing this to Altron.

The inner frame is pretty standard Wing series, but the armor detailing is awesome.

The missile launchers also done with excellent parts/colors separation and open-hatch gimmick.

Section 4: Waist

All open-hatch gimmicks are nicely represented here :)

Section 5: Chest and Torso

The snap-fitting experience is so nice compare to the previous 2 kits ;)

The cyan color stripes you've seen so far are made with proper parts separation, not stickers.

The chest machine guns and the open-chest gimmick also represented very well here.

Section 6: Shoulders and Arms

Gimmicky shoulder, excellent parts/colors separation, solid build, pleasant snap-fitting experience :)

Section 7: Head


Section 8: Backpack

This is one awesome piece of backpack. The arms are firm enough to hold up 2 sets of Twin-Gattling-Guns ;)

Section 9: Build-Up

From ground up :)

Section 10: Fully Loaded

My Personal Experience 

This is going to be short...

Excellent parts/colors separation!

Awesome snap-fitting experience!

Fantastic build-up!


Overall Rating (Not giving points, just what I felt)

Assembly Experience: Awesome!
Plastic Quality: Very good :)
Parts Separation: Awesome!
Color: Awesome!
Detailing: Awesome!
Posing Possibility: Good ;)

Recommendation: THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!!! 


Head/Neck: Good
Shoulders: Good
Arms/Elbow: Good
Waist: Good
Skirt Armor: Excellent
Hip/Tight: Excellent
Knee: Excellent
Ankle: Good
Feet: Good

See you guys around :)