Sunday, December 27, 2015

MG Skygrasper (Dragon Momoko) - Part 3

Hi hi :) This is the last of 3rd parts of the MG Skygrasper from Dragon Momoko.

This post is focusing in the Aile Striker and some connectors.

Should you have missed the part 1 & 2, here's the links...

Part 1 - Skygrasper

Part 2 - Action Stands

Section 1: Runners

The Aile Striker I am pretty sure based on the Bandai ver RM. The Aile Striker can also be connected to Strike Gundam to form Aile Strike, or connect to both Sword Striker and Launcher Striker to form the Perfect Strike.

Section 2: Aile Striker

Section 3: Shield and Beam Rifle

This is the same shield and beam rifle used by Aile Strike :)

Section 4: Additions - Manipulators and Connectors

Dragon Momoko is very kind to includes a set of 8 manipulators :)

Dragon Momoko also includes the connectors to connect the Sword Striker and Launcher Striker. They also included the Battery Pack for Perfect Strike.

Section 5: Skygrasper + Aile Striker

Quick Review

Overall, this is a very good kit to have, with very good contents and detailing :)

The Skygrasper is based on the RG model.

The Aile Striker is based on the MG Aile Strike ver RM.

And Dragon Momoko has included a set of manipulators and connectors for Sword Striker and Launcher Striker ;)

For those of you who have gotten the Dragon Momoko Sword Strike and Launcher Strike, this is a must-have.

Have a Nice One ;)

Friday, December 25, 2015

MG Skygrasper (Dragon Momoko) - Part 2

Hi hi :) This is part 2 of the MG Skygrasper, focusing on the action stands.

Please click here for part 1 :)

Section 1: Runners

The larger action stand is based on Bandai's MG Aile Strike Gundam. The smaller stand I can't really figure out where does it comes from :P

Section 2: Launcher (Larger) Action Stand

This stand is for the posing of Strike Gundam during launching :)

Section 3: Skygrasper (Smaller) Stand

As my section name implies, this stand is for the Skygrasper :) Sad to say, this stand is easily get out of balance and topple, so I would suggest to increase the weight of the base piece so that is stays.

This stand, however, can be annexed to the Launcher stand so it resolve the "center of gravity" issue ;)

Section 4: Skygrasper on Action Stand :)

Quick Review

Nothing fantastic, but the molding and detailing is very good :)

Need to add more weight to the base piece of the smaller stand so that it won't topple easily.