Monday, January 21, 2013

MG Griffon (STK)

Hi folks, I'm sure you are pleasantly surprised to know that there is actually a good bootleg for this "ancient" kit :) I bet some of the younger modellers don't have any idea what this is :P For what its worth, this is one of the all-time-favorite vallian in the Patlabor series, the Griffon!   

This is also the 1st time STK is doing a MG kit ;)

Manufacturer: STK
Scale: 1/35
Grade: MG
Origin: Patlabor
Price: RM75 (Contact me at for latest pricing and availability)

Let's start ;)

Section 1: Runners

The parts are actually pretty nicely done and I see that it can be rated as high as 95% over the original kit ;) STK also did not just replicate... they actually modify the joint system from the older technology that uses screws, to the newer technology where no screw is needed so a brownie point for STK ;)

The plastic quality is pretty good too, and comes in glossy finish.

There are no decal nor sticker, as there are no marking on the original design of Griffon ;)

Section 2: Effect Parts

This kit comes with 2 pieces of effect parts to resemble the jet ignition of Griffon that could be attached to the jet backpack ;)

Section 3: Skeleton Build

This is actually a MG kit, so we shall start with my usual skeleton build ;) 

The Legs

Detailing are as per the original, and articulations are good too ;) While the original is using screws for the knee join, this replication does not. 

No issue snap-fitting as this stage ;)

Waist Unit

The waist unit is a pretty straight-forward build :)

The Chest Unit

As this is at 1/35 scale, the entire chest unit is actually the cockpit for the pilot. The open-cockpit mechanism is replicated perfectly ;)

Do take note that the missiles are from my mecha base and not included with this kit :P

The Shoulder Unit

The shoulder unit is pretty simple in skeleton :P


The Arms

In skeleton form, excellent articulations for the arms! There are another 2 sets of fixed hand included for other posing need ;)

The Head

Although all you can see is black, the parts separation for the head is actually pretty good (credit to Bandai).

Inner Frame Done ;)

Section 4: Jet Backpack

This backpack granting Griffon the flight ability. Pretty straight-forward build with on snap-fitting issue ;)

Section 5: The Legs

The knee and hip joints are actually covered with rubbers, giving Griffon a very organic look, but the rubbers are hindering the articulation by a very great deal! Instead of allowing the knee to bend all the way down as seen in skeleton mode, it became bending at less than 90 degrees...

Section 6: The Waist Unit

Very straight forward piece here ;) Do under-coat the transparent orange piece with silver or gold for it to be more shiny ;)

Fitted with the Legs ;)

Section 7: The Chest Unit

Pretty organic look ;) No snap-fit issue here.

Section 8: The Shoulder Unit

Pretty nice transformation from a 1-piece inner-frame to this ;)

Section 9: The Arms Unit

Same to the legs, the elbow joints are covered with rubber that greatly hinders its movement :(

The Shoulder Unit, from Different Angle ;)

Section 10: Fixing the Jet Backpack

Does Griffon looks like Master Gundam, or Master Gundam looks like Griffon?

Section 11: Posing

Griffon actually looks pretty nice just by standing there ;)

Unfortunately, with the great hindrance of movement by the rubber parts, there's not much can be done with Griffon without modification... and since this is a very old design (action base 01 was not developed then), it is not possible for the use of action stand too so pose-ability is pretty limited :( 

Some Running Pose...

Standing Pose with Higher ISO Setting on my Camera (More Noise)

Section 12: Size Comparison

Comparing with MG RX-78-2 OYW ver ;)

Quick Review


Articulations are pretty bad on the finished product... I do not have the Bandai one but unless the rubbers are very flexible, it will face the same issue :P
  • Head/Neck: Very good for an old design!
  • Shoulder: Pretty Good..
  • Arm/Elbow: Bad... due to the rubber parts.
  • Wrist: Good.
  • Hand: Good. This kit comes with multiple selection of fixed hand :P
  • Waist: Good. No hindrance ;)
  • Skirt Armour: Not applicable :P
  • Hip/Tight: Normal-... use of ball-joint and hindrance by the rubber parts...
  • Knee: Bad... due to the runner parts.
  • Ankle: Decent.
  • Feet: Decent.

Looks and Feels

Detailing for this kit is pretty nicely done and my evaluation is as close as 95% to the original ;) STK did make some modifications to the older joint system to remove the need of screws.

As for the plastic, the quality is pretty nice and in glossy finish. I did not do any painting so cannot give any opinion but it does withstand wiping with paint remover :) I am actually applying glossy top-coat as well on the finished product :P

The snap-fit is very nicely done as I do not have any issue at all snap-fitting the whole kit. On the contrary, the articulations and pose-ability is pretty bad but Griffon is good enough by standing there :P

The premium jet ignition effect is a bit useless, as this kit is not compatible with Action Base... maybe Tamashi action stand can do something here...

Overall, this kit is very viable to get as it is rather hard to find the original Patlabor MG series of model kits... let's hope that STK will come with the rest of the series.

Fin ;)