Sunday, January 28, 2018

Avalanche' Exia (Hobby Star MG 1/100)

Hi guys :) I'll be doing HS (Hobby Star) Master Grade Avalanche' Exia this round.

I would like to thank my friend Station Wensin II for his effort getting this prior to the major shipment arrival, allowing me the pleasure to review this kit for you guys. This kit should have been arrived 2 week earlier but the 1st shipment was lost and HS sent this once again.

Major stock should be arriving soon, so please go ahead and contact  Station Wensin II to book your unit before it runs out.

Manufacturer: Hobby Star
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Series: Gundam 00 Side Story

Price: TBA

Section 1: Runners

First of all, this is a big-ass box with a lot of runners!

Parts separation is done pretty nicely, and detailing are nice too. Some of you guys already know that 3 different manufacturer release Avalanche' Exia back-to-back, so you guys is having a hard time choosing :P So I'm giving some distinctive differences here for your decision.

  • HS (Hobby Star) - Very good detailing, Nice parts separation, GN drive with LED & motor, purple-ish blue, rush production, comes with new big sword.
  • DM (Dragon Momoko) - Simple detailing, Nice parts separation, no LED, lighter blue, sturdy kit, comes with new big sword.
  • Daban - Very good detailing, Nice parts separation, no LED, lighter blue, fantastic print with excellent detailing, new big sword not included.

It is obvious to me that HS is rushing for this production, as they were left behind as the 3rd manufacturer of Avalanche' Exia. A lot of parts does not leave the runner clean and required extra trimming.

The plastic is soft, so please do not use too much force while trimming. The finishing is pretty glossy.

As for the snap-fitting, they are pretty well-done. 

This kit comes with a set of water decals, and a lot of foil sticker for optional extra detailing. The detailing foil stickers are in good quality :)

Section 2: Avalanche' Parts

The main Gundam Exia is identical to Bandai's MG Exia, so for this kit, I'll do it a bit differently... let's start with the Avalanche' parts :P 

The Avalanche' parts are pretty nicely done, and I would said they are the best among the 3 in design and parts separation. 

Just for the record, I hate the clam-shell thruster design! 

Shoulder Thrusters & Forearm Parts

Knee & Leg Thruster Parts

The "Ice-skate" Parts

The Clam-shell thruster that I hate... some more 3 pairs of them :(

These are badly done, with very obvious seam-lines in the middle.

Section 3: Legs

The main Gundam is identical to the Bandai MG version. Here I am showing the leg complete with Avalanche' parts ;)

Snap-fitting is nice. I would just like recommend using a bit of glue for the round pieces at the ankle guard.

Section 4: Waist

For the waist, these are a lot of parts! This is the most sophisticated parts separation among the three.

I would recommend a bit of glue for the ass thruster too, as you will most likely makes it fall off while playing :P

I would not be showing, but there is a pair of mechanical arms in the front skirt and it can hold the new big-ass sword that comes with the kit ;) ... you can see it in Station Wensin II shop.

Section 5: Lower Body

This completes the lower body :) Pretty solid so far.

Section 6: Chest

Pretty straight-forward build ;) I'm leaving the GN drive & LED to the last.

Section 7: Shoulders & Arms

Here's the arm complete with Avalanche' parts ;)

Snap-fitting is nice too. 

It is pretty frustrating attaching the shoulders and arms to the body due to the GN cable... recommend to separate the arm from the elbow area before doing so ;)

Section 8: Head

Just an Exia head :P 

Section 8: Backpack, sort-of...

This is where the GN blades and a pair of GN beam sword is mounted... not sure if I should call it backpack :P

Section 10: Avalanche' Exia, HS version

Now, enjoy some pictures ;)

Section 11: Wait... the GN Drive & LED

The idea and innovation is excellent... with such tiny motor that resemble the PG 00 Gundam GN drive with gradual lighting.

Sadly, I can't seems to fit the circuit into the GN drive... to prevent any accidental damage to this delicate component, I have it sent to Station Wensin II to figure it out ;P

My Personal Experience 

OK, this is my personal experience and to no discredit of this kit ;)

Actually, I started this kit with no-good first impression... I don't like the blue (but some of my modeler friends like it), then I started with the Avalanche' parts and come into the stupid clam-shell thrusters that leave big-ass seamlines in the middle... it gives me a lot of frustration to make progress :P

Nevertheless, this kit turns out pretty nice.

The plastic quality soft and glossy... need to be extra careful while trimming but it makes it easier for me to trim with my penknife ;) The detailing is nice done, the printing/molding is pretty nice but could be better.

Parts separation is very nicely done, and with that comes the situation where glue should be used on some parts I have mentioned above... not an issue, but to prevent the small part goes missing falling off.

This kit is very nice to display, but not for the beginners for the assembly :P

Overall Rating (Not giving points, just what I felt)

Assembly Experience: Good - hated the clam-shell thrusters
Plastic Quality: Acceptable - soft, most parts need extra trimming
Parts Separation: Very good :)
Color: Good - but I prefer a lighter blue
Detailing: Very good :)
Posing Possibility: Very good ;)

Recommendation: First of all, this kit is not for the beginners :P  If you have the patience for the minor flaws, and like to challenge yourself with a high detailed kit, go for it.


Head/Neck: Good
Shoulders: Good
Arms/Elbow: Good
Waist: Good
Skirt Armor: Excellent
Hip/Tight: Excellent
Knee: Good
Ankle: Good
Feet: Good

See you guys around :)