Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Astray Red Frame Mars Jacket (Daban MG 1/100)

Hi guys, presenting the new kit of 2018 from Daban, the Master Grade Astray Red Frame Mars Jacket ;)

I would like to thank my friend Station Wensin II for his effort getting this prior to the major shipment arrival, allowing me the pleasure to review this kit for you guys.

Major stock should have arrived by the time this review is up, so please go ahead and contact  Station Wensin II to book your unit before it runs out.

Manufacturer: Daban
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Series: Astray SIde Story
Price: TBA

Section 1: Runners

The plastic is the usual "signature" glossy finishing by Daban.

Parts separation is done nicely, and detailing are very nice too. Although this is very much an Astray Red Frame, there are many change of design on the arms and legs, making it not entirely interchangeable with the original ARF; only the body section is almost identical.

Snap-fitting experience in unexpectedly good. I did not have any snap-fitting issue, and all parts seem to hold up pretty well :)

This kit comes with a set of water decals, and usual foil sticker for the eyes and sensors.

Section 2: Legs

The feet are pretty straight-forward.

The ankle guard is nicely done.

The leg mechanism is identical to the original ARF, but with minor cosmetic changes to accommodate the Mars Jacket ;)

Section 3: Waist

Same as the legs, the mechanic is identical to he original ARF, with cosmetic changes to accommodate the Mars Jacket.

This design actually have front skirt and side skirt :P

Section 4: Lower Body

This completes the lower body :) Pretty solid so far.

Section 5: Chest

The chest is same as the original ARF, if I'm not mistaken ;)

Section 6: Shoulders & Arms

I have forgotten to take picture before assembling the shoulders :P

When attaching the arms to to body, I've discovered that the shoulder joints at the body side is tilted a little to the front instead of being a straight line from one shoulder to another... I am letting it be as I don't see any issue for the time being.

Section 7: Head

The head is nicely done with excellent parts separation :) I would advise to use a little bit of glue for the 2 red round pieces at the side of the head.

Section 8: Backpack

The backpack is pretty straight forward but nice. This is where the 2 Beam Cannons are mounted.

Section 9: Weaponry

This kit comes with 2 Katana, the Kiku-Ichimonji and Gerbera Straight, 2 Beam Cannons, and a Beam Rifle.

Kiku-Ichimonji & Gerbera Straight: Nicely done with chrome gold and silver. The blades even crafted with their kanji name of the Katana :)

Beam Cannon: Excellent parts separation and great mechanism to store the katanas.

Storing the katanas in the Beam Cannon.

Beam Rifle: Excellent parts separation.

Section 10: Astray Red Frame Mars Jacket

Now, enjoy some pictures ;)

Simply standing.

With an action stand ;)

My Personal Experience 

At first glance, the grey-colored runner gives me a "cheap" feeling, but once I started with this kit, it grows on me and am getting impressed as time passes.

The plastic quality is as per Daban "signature" glossy plastic. The detailing is nice done, and very clearly printed on the parts. The kit does not have the bulkiness as per the comics/novel, but it does give me the tough-nut impression ;)

I had very enjoyable building experience with this kit. Parts separation is well-done and not too much, and there's only a fraction of color touch-up only if you are very particular, like the white color on the finger.

My first idea was to swap out the red-colored parts with my Chromed Astray Red Frame (will be covered in my next review), but further into this kit, I found that the minor cosmetic re-design make it only 30-40% of the inner frame is interchangeable so I scrapped the idea :p

Overall Rating (Not giving points, just what I felt)

Assembly Experience: Very good :)
Plastic Quality: Acceptable
Parts Separation: Very good :)
Color: Good :)
Detailing: Very good :)
Posing Possibility: Good ;)

Recommendation: I highly recommending you guys to get this kit when available, as you won't be seeing Bandai making this any time soon ;) 


Head/Neck: Good
Shoulders: Good
Arms/Elbow: Good
Waist: Good
Skirt Armor: Excellent
Hip/Tight: Excellent
Knee: Excellent
Ankle: Good
Feet: Good

See you guys around :)

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