Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SRW-OG R-2 Powered (Kotobukiya)

Hi there :) I'm doing a Kotobukiya kit this round instead ;) and it is R-2 Powered! Being my 2nd Mecha kit from Koto, I'd rate that this kit is > Bandai HG and < Bandai MG ;)

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/144
Origin: SRW-OG
Price: 3500 Yen

Part 1: Runners

That's quite a lot of runner for a 1/144 scaled kit :) Parts separation and color separation are done excellently, and to me, is better then most of Bandai's!

Part 2: Weaponry

The cannons are BIG! It is even larger than the forearm of my 1/48 Mega Size RX-78-2! Imagine if Kotobukiya decided to release a 1/144 scale SRX :P

Part 3: All Section Completed

As this is something like a HG, there is no skeleton so we won't be seeing my usual Skeleton Build :P Here's a pictures of all assembled parts and I's going to "construct" the kit bottom-up ;)

Part 4: Legs

As an heavy-armored unit, the legs are pretty bulky :P The hip articulation is fantastic but the knee is just moderate. The feet, however is pretty good ;)

Parts and color separations are excellent!

Part 5: Waist

The waist is pretty straight-forward.

Part 6: Chest

This is also a very straight-forward build but with excellent parts & color separations!

Part 7: Arms

The shoulder is a little complicated but not really an issue :) Once again the parts & color separations are nicely done but the shoulder joints are just too loose to hold the weight of the arms and the weaponry (beam gun).

Part 8: R-2 (Normal mode)

This kit can be build as the normal R-2, or the R-2 Powered ;) Let's enjoy some pictures of R-2 before I make it into R-2 Powered.

Decent articulations & pose-ability.

Size comparison with MG & HG RX-78-2

Part 9: R-2 Powered

Here comes the R-2 Powered, with the big big cannons and more heavy armor :P

The add-on weight make it more difficult to pose but it still looks nice just by standing there with a simple pose ;)

Size comparison with MG & HG RX-78-2

Quick Review

Plastic Quality, Detailing, and Color Separation

Excellent! Hands-down :P the parts and color separations of Kotobukiya's SRW-OG series way better than Bandai's HG series, and even some of Bandai's MG! Well, you pay for what you get ;)


Overall, articulations are moderate...
  • Head/Neck: Bleh... the head cannot move at all after fixing into position :P
  • Shoulder: Bleh... the articulation is moderate but it cannot withstand the weight of the arms with full weaponry :(
  • Arm/Elbow: Normal-... can only bend to about 90 degrees
  • Wrist: Normal.
  • Hand: Fixed posing hands
  • Waist: Normal-.
  • Skirt Armour: Not applicable
  • Hip/Tight: Excellent!
  • Knee: Normal-... can only bend to about 90 degrees
  • Ankle: Normal+

Looks and Feels

Parts and color separations are excellent! It already resemble 90% of the original color with straight-build (except the base of the cannons), and the excellent parts separations make it easier for pro to paint the kit ;)

The price is a bit high but it worth the money. Except the problem with the loose shoulder joints and hip joints, I see no other flaw in this kit. Recommended kit if you are a fan of SRW-OG series ;)

Fin ;)