Friday, October 21, 2011

MG XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom (Gao Gao)

Hi folks :) How have you been? After the Dragon Momoko's MG Deathscythe EW, here's the MG Deathscythe Hell by TT Hongli... my trusted BOOTLEG manufacturer :P...

Manufacturer: Gao Gao / TT Hongli
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG

Origin: Gundam W
Price: RM75 - RM95

Part 1: Runners

The runners are almost exactly like the original. The detailing are pretty nice on the parts but the Dragon Momoko is a bit nicer on the detailing. The plastics quality is as per usual TT Hongli kits so they are tougher as compare to Dragon Momoko's Deathscythe EW.

Part 2: Decals

This kit comes with dry transfer and clear stickers same as the original. This downside is that the clear stickers are a bit thicker than Bandai's but otherwise no issue ;)

Part 3: Skeleton Build

The Legs

Pretty nice articulations for the hip and knee. Ankle is a bit ordinary tho :)

The Waist

Pretty straight-forward skeleton, and it is similar to Deathscythe EW and Shenglong EW ;)

The Chest

The pull-out mechanism would allow the shoulder joints to be pulled out for more dynamic posing. The neck employed a dual-joints so the head could slightly tilt upward and downward ;) I partially colored the chest air vent with Gold :)

The Arms

Great articulations for the arms :) And as you can see, this kit does not comes with hand with moveable fingers but instead with 4 sets of fixed fingers/fists for posing... I am fine with this but some of you would not like it since you cannot do the middle-fingaaaa pose :p

One note tho... the hole (on the palm) to fit the fingers is a bit too small... do not "use the force" for the fingers but instead use filling tools or your penknife to enlarge the hole ;)

Completed Skeleton

Pretty nice, and can do very dynamic posing! Love it ;)

Part 4: The Legs

The legs are very nice with great articulations, but same as the Deathscythe EW, I could not do the kneeling pose for this kit due to the blade thingy at the knee and toe :p

I have lost the original pictures of the individual sections so will take again and upload in due time :p

Part 5: Waist

Parts separations are very well done here :) I would recommend superglue the gray parts on the front & back skits as well as the edge pieces of the front and back skirts to prevent them from falling out during posing.

Part 6: Completed Deathscythe Hell Custom

The 3rd kit of the XXXG-01 series for me... this kit looks nice but the color is a bit too dark for good photograph :P I still enjoyed building this kit ;)

The downside for this kit is the limited weaponry with only the beam scythe...

Part 7: More Posing

This kit is for flying pose, enjoy yourself ;)

Part 8: More Posing with Deathscythe EW ;)

Posing with Dragon Momoko's Deathscythe EW ;)

Quick Review

Plastic quality

As usual, TT Hongli's plastics quality is not the highest rating but it serve the purpose :) The plastics is tough enough for painting, and it is not entirely bad for straight-guilder like me too.

There is only a could of area you need to look out for excessive plastics, namely the head and the hands... do scrubs off the excessive plastics and little trimming on the male peck before assembling the head to avoid leaving noticeable gap between the front and back helmet, and enlarge the hole at the palm a little bit for the fitting of the finger units ;)

As appose to my review to Dragon Momoko's Deathscythe EW, this kit is a good choice for budget-constraint modeller or those who would want to mess with color ;)


Articulations are near-excellent for the new XXXG-01 inner frame by Bandai!
  • Head/Neck: Excellent!
  • Shoulder: Good! Very highly pose-able with the pull-out mechanism but a little bit of hindrance with the big white shoulder pieces :P
  • Arm/Elbow: Excellent in skeleton form, still very good when external armor applied.
  • Wrist: Normal+.
  • Hand: Normal.
  • Waist: Good.
  • Skirt Armour: Good.
  • Hip/Tight: Excellent!
  • Knee: Excellent, but not much application of the good articulation due to the blade thingy sticking out from the knee :p
  • Ankle: Normal+

Looks and Feels

The look is very good but too dark to my taste and hard to take good pictures. TT Hongli is doing pretty good with the decals and I am very glad after my bad experience with Dragon Momoko :P

In my opinion, this is a good replacement to the original with almost half the price, but I have commissioned an original Shenglong and I would want to say that NO BOOTLEG can beat the original YET.

Fin ;)

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  1. Im having trouble with the connection from the waist to the leg. The connection with the Polycap keeps popping out whenever i rotate or move so its very hard to make a pose or even stand. Do you have any tips on how to remedy this?