Monday, January 23, 2012

MG RX-93-v2 Gundam Hi-Nu Evo / Evolved (Go Go)

Happy Chinese New Year, my friends ;) Today is the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year :)

I got this highly anticipated kit 3 days prior to the CNY and here it is ;) The price is a little on the high side for a bootleg but this is redesigned based on the Evolve series so I bought this anyway and did not regret one bit :)

Manufacturer: Go Go (
Subsidiary of Gao Gao/TT Hongli that would concentrate in the Evolve and redesigned series)
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG Evolved

Origin: Gundam UC 0096
Price: RM175 (email me at for availability)

Please take note that I did minor detail coloring i.e. Metallic Red for inner side of the thrusters, Gold for the pipes, Silver for some inner lining so please do not expect that to be pre-colored on your kit ;)

Section 1: Runners

Some parts of the runners are similar to the MG Hi-Nu but most have been redesigned and remolded. The base model is the same one used for McModel HG Hi-Nu Gundoom, and since this is MG, have way more detailing and better parts separations.

Section 2: The Effect Parts

These are some of the effect parts that are also in the original MG Hi-Nu.

Fin Funnels Thruster Effect

The Fin Funnels Firing Effects

The Fin Funnels Positioning Rods

Section 3: Decals

This kit comes with a piece of water decal rather than the usual dry-sticker which is a very good decision of Go Go :)

Section 4: Skeleton Build

For this kit, I will not want to miss this section ;)

The Legs

The legs articulations are very nicely done. The tight is elongated with a piece of extension to the original design, where from the tight down, have been replaced with new parts ;)

The 2 pieces holding the tight joint might pop open while posing (could be an isolated case) so you might want to consider to superglue them.

I did some minor coloring by the way ;)

The Waist

Very nicely done, and very nice detailing for the inner part of the skirt armor ;)

The Legs+Waist

The Chest

The pull-out mechanism would allow the shoulder joints to be pulled out for more dynamic posing. The neck employed a dual-joints so the head could slightly tilt upward and downward ;)

The Arms

Great articulations for the arms :) The forearms are entirely replaced ;)

The Shoulders

You won't see much difference here so wait till the outer armors are fixed ;)

Completed Skeleton without the Head

Very solid inner frame! I felt that the plastics quality is better than the usual Gao Gao/TT Hongli.

Section 5: The Legs

All outer armors have been redesigned and they are extremely poisonous to Hi-Nu lovers! The articulations are not interfered by the outer armor as you can see from the side-by-side comparison below ;)

Section 6: Waist

Parts separations are very well done for this section. All mini thrusters are separately molded therefore I colored the inner part of the thrusters with metallic red and you could observe the end results from the pictures below ;)

The Lower Body

Some Posing ;)

Nice balancing.

The Height

Actually, this is what I wanted to show... the lower body is as tall as my MG RX-78-2 OYW :P

Section 7: Chest

Outer armor are redesigned an remolded, and they are very nice.

Section 8: Arms and Shoulders

Nicely done and highly articulated;) The parts separations for the shoulders are amazing but you might want to consider gluing the small thrusters to the shoulder instead as they fall off easily during posing :P

Section 9: The Head

Pretty nicely done on the parts separations :) I run into a common flaw of Gao Gao/TT Hongli that unfortunately inherited by Go Go, that is the sucky quality of the sensor sticker for the eyes... anyway, I painted the eyes and the rest ofthe sensors with Gundam Marker so its not a big problem for me.

Section 10: The Main Mecha

The completed mecha without the Fin Funnels and extra thrusters/fuel tanks ;) The mecha stands about 21CM tall.

Section 11: Stabilizer

Not much to mention except the excellent detailing and parts separations ;)

Attaching the Stabilizer

Section 12: Thrusters/Fuel Tanks

Don't know if these are made this way, but the fuel tanks is not straight... I guess there's some flaws during molding but not any big issue... this can be fixed with minor modifications but no issue if you decided not to fix them ;)

Once again, excellent parts separations.

Attaching the Thrusters/Fuel Tanks

Section 13: Fin Funnel System

Fin Funnel System Base

The base of the Fin Funnels which is highly detailed with excellent parts separations.

Fin Funnels

Same as the normal MG version.

Fin Funnel Deploy Mode

Attaching the effect parts to resemble the deployment of the fin funnels ;)

Fin Funnel Standby Mode

Attaching the Fin Funnels to the System Base

Attaching the Fin Funnels System

Section 14: Weaponry

TBA... just the Beam Rifle and Shield only :P

Section 15: Completed Build

Posing with the Dedicated Action Base

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

The plastic quality is better than the usual Gao Gao/TT Hongli quality. The detailing and parts separations are very very nicely done. The only issue with this kit is the loose hip joints which is a common flaw of MG kit so I won't fault Go Go for this as it happened to Bandai kits as well.


Articulations are very good!
  • Head/Neck: Good
  • Shoulder: Fantastic!
  • Arm/Elbow: Excellent!
  • Wrist: Normal+.
  • Hand: Good.
  • Waist: Good.
  • Skirt Armour: Good.
  • Hip/Tight: Excellent.
  • Knee: Excellent.
  • Ankle: Good.
  • Feet: Excellent!

Looks and Feels

One word, AMAZING!

I love this kit very much and I did enjoy the assembling process very much :) The parts separations are very nicely done, which means there are quite a large number of parts to deal with. This might be challenging to beginners but the satisfaction upon completion is just overwhelming ;)

I would highly recommend this kit to all as this is a good choice for straight builders due to the excellent detailing, and even better to veteran builders who likes to paint due to the excellent parts separations. So for those who have a chance, get one and experience the thrill ;)

It seems that Go Go is going the way McModel is heading, which is the redesigned series based on resin kits after seeing the acceptance of the Evolve Nu and Hi-Nu by McModel. Since this is numbered 001, I am looking forward to more, and hopefully the MG Sazabi Evolve would be next ;)

Fin ;)