Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pretty Armor Ver.2

Hi guys, here's the Pretty Armor Ver.2 ;)

I would like to thank my friend Station Wensin II for his effort getting this kit for my review. Major stock should have arrived by the time this review is up, so please go ahead and contact  Station Wensin II to book your unit before it runs out.

Manufacturer: Unknown
Scale: 1/12 (about that)
Grade: None
Series: None
Price: TBA

Section 1: Runners

The plastic is quite nice and at a semi-gloss finishing. Parts separation is done nicely, and detailing are very nice too.

If you have read my ver 1 review, this is very much similar :p

Snap-fitting experience in unexpectedly good. I did not have any snap-fitting issue, and all parts seem to hold up pretty well :)

Caution: the pegs at joints are quite tiny, so please use gentle force to avoid breaking. 

This kit comes with a set of water decal with many facial expressions of your choice to put on 4 blank faces provided on top of the 4 pre-printed faces.

Section 2: The Armored Girl Figure

For this review, I'm not going detailed about each section of the main figure as it is the same as in Ver 1, with different coloring and some small options which I'll point out below :)

Differences: -

  • 2 sets of arms (ver 2 does not have the Action Arms with heavy armor)
  • 2 colors for arms and legs (separate runner, skin color and black color)
  • Optional parts for flat-chest

Section 3: The Armor System (Backpack)

I rather call this Armor System instead of backpack unit :p

This, to me, is the main selling point of any armored girl model kit. The Armor System is highly flexible as it uses multiple join units. Pretty good holding power too as it uses ABS instead of polycap.

You can adjust each section, literally, to any direction as they are having individual joint. Your imagination is the limit here.

Section 4: The Weapon System

As ver 1 emphasize more on defense with the Shield Unit, this one emphasize on attack with the Twin Spear :p

I love these spears! They can combine into one big spear, or separate into 2.

Parts separation is extremely nice, coupled with semi-transparent parts :)

Furthermore, you can further separate one of the spear into a beam rifle, and the other into a twin-blade by removing the handles.

Some posing with the main figure. And yes, the action base is included.

Last but not least, ver 2 comes with the same rifles :)

Section 5: The Complete Package

This kit is awesome!

Guest appearance by ver 1 :)

Saber & Dark Saber, anyone?

My Personal Experience 

Same as my previous comment, this kit could actually address 2 different audience...

The first type is the Armored Girl fans. The figure is nicely done with many interchangeable options, and the Armor System are nicely done making her a legit addition to your armored girl collection.

The other type of audience are customization fans. The Armor System and Weapon System (Twin Spear) do add a lot of potential to customizing your other armored girls, Gunpla models, figures, and many mecha you can imagine :p

Parts separation is nicely done, with good detailing. Snap-fitting experience is pretty pleasant, and posing flexibility is very good. Just don't treat her like a Gunpla... you need to be a little gentle handling her :p

Oh yeah, have more patient... with great flexibility comes great frustration striking the perfect pose :p

Overall Rating (Not giving points, just what I felt)

Assembly Experience: Very good :)
Plastic Quality: Good :)
Parts Separation: Very good :)
Color: Good :)
Detailing: Good :)
Posing Possibility: Very good ;)

Recommendation: This is nice addition to your armored girl collection :) 


Head/Neck: Good
Shoulders: Very good
Arms/Elbow: Acceptable
Waist: Good
Skirt Armor: Excellent
Hip/Tight: Very good
Knee: Very good
Ankle: Good
Feet: Good

See you guys around :)