Monday, February 13, 2012

HG SEED Model Kit: Effect Part Project

Hi guys ;)

I were busy with CNY and my new job so only now have some time to do my 1st review for Feb 2012 :P Here I present to you the end result of Bandai's Effect Part Project for HG SEED model kit 01 - 05 ;)

Duel Gundam

This effect part resemble the launching of shoulder missiles from Duel Gundam :)

Buster Gundam

This effect part resemble the smoke from the long-range sniper rifle after shooting... potentially to be used on the upcoming RG Launcher Weapon System and any mecha with long-ranged weapons ;)

Blitz Gundam

This effect part resemble the launching effect of the claw from the left hand, the Trikeros ;)

Aegis Gundam

This effect part resemble the shooting of the Scylla cannon in MA form :) This effect could potentially be used for any mega cannon for HG and MG, even PG ;)

Strike Gundam

This effect part resemble the cloud effect at the tip of Aile Weapon System within the atmosphere :) This parts can also be used for RG Aile Strike, and potentially any HG with wings like Aile Strike i.e. Strike Rouge, Strike IWSP, Akatsuki ;)

It is nice that Bandai decided to make these effect parts :) I actually bought these parts from one of the local hobby shop but the shop owner do offer these parts FOC for customer who bought the respective HG SEED model kit i.e. you'll get the Aegis effect part for free if you buy the HU SEED Aegis Gundam model kit ;)

Check your local hobby shop for the availability as you would not want to miss this if you are collecting the HG SEED series ;)

Fin ;)