Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Exia Repair I-II-III (Dragon Momoko)

Hi guys, it's been 1 month plus from my last review, and so here comes Dragon Momoko Exia Repairs 1-3 :)

I have no idea on the status of Dragon Momoko, as well as stocks availability... for those of you who would like to get one, kindly please refer to my seller friend Station Wensin II ;)

Manufacturer: Dragon Momoko
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Series: Gundam 00
Station Wensin II

Section 1: Runners

The plastic is nice and with pretty good detailing in accordance to the Metal Build. The coloring is very nice too, and the manufacturer actually included extra blue and red parts in Designer Color so that we could opt of either, or you can be creative in mixing them ;)

DM also provide 2 sets of green transparent parts, one for the normal condition (Exia/R2/R3) and another for R1 which are with the crack effect if you see carefully when you got this.

Parts separation is nicely done, with excellent snap-fitting experience. Nevertheless, I would recommend using a tad bit of superglue at the 2 chest pieces (you will know which 2, I'm pretty sure) to prevent it from falling off while playing/posing.

I just want to put this up here to set the right expectation... I believe Dragon Momoko is providing all the parts for normal Exia, R1, R2 and R3 for us to pick and assemble, and not so much in swapping parts and display different form every other days... at least it is not the intention of an OOB built without some minor modifications ;)

The cloak effect of R1 is very nicely done, but they are kind of heavy.

It also comes with a Metal-Build design stand :)

The foil stickers are very nicely done.

And also a big sheet of water decals ;)

The GN energy cables. The instruction is indicating that we stick the foil stickers on top of the GN cable, but I stick them at the bottom instead (like MG Nu Gundam Psycho Frame).

This kit also comes with 2 LED (with batteries) in very good quality.

Let's start the building process ;)

Section 2: Feet & Legs

The feet are pretty straight forward. Detailing and parts separation is done nicely :)

Same to the usual MG Exia and 00 Gundam, the legs are the most complicated part of this kit :P I am building R3 hence the Blue colored knee ;) Articulation is very nice.

These are the knee parts for Exia and R1. There are also optional parts in R2 knee, Exia/R1 tights, Exia/R1 leg thrusters.

These are the tight joints for R3... there are different accessories selection for Exia, R1 and R2 respectively.

The feet and legs.

Section 3: Waist and Lower Body

Excellent parts separation :) The front is identical for the 4 forms; the differences are at the back indeed :P

Lower body ;) Pretty Awesome.

Section 4: Chest and Torso

Another intimidating section due to many parts, but surprisingly easy to assemble :P

I would recommend to use a bit of superglue at the blue chest pieces with the green pieces to prevent falling off :)

Very nice!

Section 5: Head

Very nice parts separation and pleasant snap-fitting experience :P

I am both happy and annoyed here... It comes with enough parts for both normal head and damaged R1 head, but only give ONE FREAKING POLYCAP! Furthermore it is not the standard size thus I have got to modify one from my spares for it to fit!

DM dude, more attention to detail please!

Normal head in action :P

Section 6: Shoulders

Very straight-forward build, but unfortunately for 4 shoulder forms, only 2 sets of inner-frame is provided, causing us extra hassle from interchanging them freely...

Once again, DM please pay more attention to details and don't be ignorant!

R3 shoulders in action :P

Section 7: Arms and Hands

Frankly, I "hate" Exia!!! Freaking lots of parts :P

Forearms are identical for all 4 forms, with optional upper-arms for Exia with dangling GN cables.

Thi kit comes with 4 pairs of fixed-expression hand (manipulator), and 1 pair of MG movable hand.

Section 8: Exia Repair-3

Section 9: Weaponry

Signature weapon, the GN-Sword, broken GN-Sword, and GN-Sword II.

The base of all 3 forms are identical, with optional parts for the broken GN-Sword.

You cannot make multiple full GN-Sword... you would need to swap the blade instead for different forms :P

The blade in matte silver is a good choice. Me likey.

GN-Shield is nice done, with the GN particle dispersing mechanism ;)

GN Blades that comes later in season 1 ;)

Not showing the beam sables :P

And here's the cloak used by R1... pretty pose-able with individual joints.

And the GN-Rifle for R3 ;)

Section 10: Exia Repair 3 Fully Loaded

Too lazy to pose yet, hence some pretty boring pictures for you guys :P

Will upload more dynamic posing once I got my mood back with him ;)

My Personal Experience 

This is a nice one, with the option to choose from building Exia, R1, R2 or R3. Furthermore, Dragon Momoko included extra Designer Color parts for even more choice for us to make :p

In terms of the model, I am mostly (97%) impressed by this model, with a bit of (3%) annoyance that Dragon Momoko failed to attend to the more details which would make this an even more excellent model... they are, to ensure the real interchangeability and not just on paper!

  1. Give 4 sets of shoulder inner-frame for the 4 shoulder forms! You are only giving 2!
  2. Give an extra polycap for the head please! You wouldn't want us to take apart the whole head just to take out the polycap for the other head, do you?

In terms of value for money, I felt meh! On one hand, I get 1 box with options to build 1 of the 4 forms, but left over with optional (useless?) parts... DM should just do Exia R3, with optional (GN-drive, knee, shoulder) parts to mark R2.

Enough ranting, I leave it to you on the costing part (still very cheap).

The design of the model is excellent, following the Metal-Build. And the parts separation is very nicely done. Not much to talk about coloring as it is mostly white, but the inclusion of the Designer Color armor (blue and red) is a very nice touch. The choice to make the sword blades into matte silver is also very good.

Overall, it took me about 30 hours to complete this kit with review and photo-taking in mind, and also due to some frustration with the many options ;p it should about 12 hours otherwise.

Don't get my message wrong... despite the ranting and my 3% unsatisfaction, this kit is still the best Exia I have built so far, pending the Avalanche Dash from Dragon Momoko and Daban... I am a bit sick of Exia right now... who know when would I start with Avalanche Dash :P

Overall Rating (Not giving points, just what I felt)

Assembly Experience: Excellent! (but I am sick with Exia for the time being :P)
Plastic Quality: Very good :)
Parts Separation: Excellent!
Color: Very good :)
Detailing: Very good :)
Posing Possibility: Very good :)

Recommendation: Highly recommended :) At least 1 unit for those like me, 2 for fans (Exia/R1 & R2/R3), and 4 units for die-hard fans :P


Head/Neck: Good
Shoulders: Good
Arms/Elbow: Good
Waist: Good
Skirt Armor: Excellent
Hip/Tight: Excellent
Knee: Excellent
Ankle: Good
Feet: Good

See you guys around :)