Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MG GAT-X105+AQM/E-YM1 Perfect Strike Gundam ver. RM (Bandai)

Well, you have read my review for the MG Aile Strike Gundam ver. RM, and now the add-on pack of Launcher Striker Pack and Sword Striker Pack, and subsequently making the Perfect Striker Pack ;)

Do take note that this is Premium Bandai kit, means you can only get it online, and you would need to pay some extra if you are not located in Japan and Hong Kong.

Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Origin: Gundam SEED
Price: 2200 Yen

Let's get started ;)

Section 1: Runners

Well, there is no complain with the quality of Bandai's product but as you can see in the last picture of this section, you can see that the mold is of year 2008, which means this is the same Sword Striker Pack and Launcher Striker Pack for the earlier Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam :P

See the year below?

Section 2: Decals

This kit comes with a set of water-slide decal and a piece foil stickers. The water-slide decal is newly designed and not in the older Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam.

Section 3: Sword Striker

The molding is exactly the same as the older Sword Striker. The only difference at this moment is only the darker blue as compare to the old one.

Although much improvement have been done on Strike Gundam ver. RM, Bandai does not make any changes or improvement for the Sword Striker Pack... Despite the exchangeable hands, it still cannot hold the sword properly with single hand :(

Suiting Up :)

Sword Strike Gundam

Comparison with the Old Sword Strike Gundam

The new one seems taller because I have set the hip joint to the lower position giving about 1CM extra in height.

Some Posing :)

I'm using blue tag for the sword :P

Section 4: Launcher Strike

Same as the Sword Striker, the molding of Launcher Striker is exactly the same as the older Launcher/Sword Striker. The only difference at this moment is only the darker green as compare to the old one.

The Launcher Striker fits nicely to the Strike Gundam ver. RM. Since the cannon is meant to be positioned using the mechanical arm, no issue ;)

Suiting Up :)

Comparison with the Old Launcher Strike Gundam

Same as previous, I have set the hip joint to the lower position giving about 1CM extra in height for the ver. RM :P

Some Posing :)

Section 5: Perfect Strike Gundam

With the new gimmick build into the Aile Striker Pack in ver. RM, the 3 primary Striker Packs could be combined and formed the Perfect Strike Gundam.

The assembly is absolutely fantastic, with only 1 little flaw that the right shoulder after fitting with the missile+gattling pack from the Launcher Striker, will interfere with the beam saber on the Aile Striker.

Other than that, this kit is AWESOME!

Some Posing ;)

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

Since this is a Bandai original, no issue on the quality of the plastic. As for detailing and parts separation, Bandai have done an excellent job, even this was done in year 2008.

Looks and Feels

One word, FANTASTIC!

Even this was a re-production from the older mold from Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam, the Launcher Striker and Sword Striker fit seamlessly onto the new Strike Gundam ver. RM. The new decals add another level of completion to the Striker Packs :)

For those who already have the older Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam, you might not need to buy this unless you are fond of the decal. Otherwise, this is a must get if you have acquired the Strike Gundam ver. RM.

Fin ;)