Saturday, September 23, 2017

Destiny Gundam (Hot Studio)

Hi guys :) I'm back with the Hot Studio's Mecha Force Destiny Gundam this time.

Since this is a Metal Build equivalent, I'll do a open-box instead of building :)

Manufacturer: Hot Studio
Scale: 1/60
Grade: Mecha Force (Metal Build)
Series: Seed Destiny
Price: TBA

Section 1: Packing

The packaging is very nicely done with Styrofoam.

The main mecha is packed on one side with the weapons and accessories, where the Destiny Silhouette and the action base is packed on the other.

Now, let's proceed to my review ;)

Section 2: Main Mecha

Man, this kit is heavy!

The V-fin is made of soft rubber, and it was bend on arrival. However, it can be easily fixed with some hot water or a hair dryer ;)

Section 3: Lighting Gimmick

There is a lighting gimmick to light up the chest vent and the head cameras, with the switch right at the back.

Section 4: Head

The head is very nice done. The coloring is nice too ;)

Section 5: Chest

Another piece that is nicely done. The shoulder joint allow the arms to move to an upward angle.

Section 6: Shoulder & Arm

The shoulder armor is separately mounted and it is possible to position the shoulder armor without moving the arm.

The front and back armor could be opened upward.

As for the arm, there's an rotating axis on the upper arm, then the elbow joint, and followed by another rotating axis at the forearm. The articulations are fantastic :)

Section 7: Waist

The waist is very nicely done. The front and back skirts can individually moved, and can flip all the way up as shown below.

Section 8: Leg

Nicely done with very good detailing and movable gimmicks :) Joints are a bit hard when it first arrive.

Section 9: Destiny Silhouette

The wing mechanism is very nicely done, and is quite solid.

On the box it said Extreme Burst Mode but sadly there is no wing of light effect parts... imagine the wing span with the effect parts since I don't even have enough space to take picture with the wing itself :P

Section 10: Beam Boomerang

Comes with Beam Boomerang effect (short) and Beam Saber (long) effect parts :)

Section 11: Shield

The shield is very nicely done and I love the gimmick :) It can deploy with a push on the golden part in the middle of the shield.

Section 12: Beam Rifle

Zaft standard issue :P

Section 13: Beam Shield

Nicely done, replacing the fist cover on either or both hands :)

Section 14: Anti-Vessel Sword

Nice mechanism and detailing. Unfortunately, the effect part comes in my kit is too short and not able to fit correctly to my AVS :(

Section 15: Long Range Beam Cannon

Mounting on the Destiny Silhouette :)

Section 17: Action Stand

The design of this stand is nice, but the material sucks! This stand is too light to hold the 2KG+ 1/60 kit, not to mention with the TINY plastic peg! I have paid big bucks for the model, why not making the stand with some die-cast material?

Anyway, the stand do lights up, with either battery or USB :)

My Personal Experience 

My first impression, WOW! This beast is heavy!

When I first got this, the joint are pretty stiff and it took me quite some time to get a hold since this is official my first Metal Build and I don't want to accidentally break anything :P 

The packing is very nice and almost would protect the kit from any damage in transit :) I think this kit is model according to Bandai's Metal Build Destiny of 1/100 scale, so the detailing is very nice.

There is not much to complain besides my AVS effect parts and the cheesy action stand that I don't trust to hold the 2KG kit :P

Since there is no PG for Destiny, I highly recommending this kit (you should be paying less than a PG kit for this) :) 


Head/Neck: Very Good
Shoulders: Excellent
Arms/Elbow: Excellent
Waist: Good
Skirt Armor: Excellent
Hip/Tight: Excellent
Knee: Excellent
Ankle: Good
Feet: Good

See you guys around :)