Thursday, September 14, 2017

Nataku/Altron (Supernova)

Hi guys :) It's me again with Supernova's Nataku, also known as Altron.

This is done back-dated for those of you whom would like to know more about Nataku since I've published the Sandrock Custom 2 days ago.

Manufacturer: Supernova
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Series: Wing Gundam
Price: TBA

Section 1: Runners

The plastic is about similar to Dragon Momoko, but the coloring is too plastic to my liking... I like green but do not like the finishing. The parts uses mostly under-gates, which would help prevent unnecessary damage while cleaning nub marks. There are a few parts that are very sharp, so be extra careful handling them ;)

Parts separation is done nicely, and detailing are nice too; you can definitely make this more exciting than the straight-built kit in this review with a tad of coloring here and there :)

Snap-fitting experience is pretty good for this kit, however, parts are molded quite thin and sharp so one have to be gentle not to break them or cut yourselves.

Section 2: Stickers and Decals

This kit comes with a sheet of corresponding water decal, and another sheet of the same decal in metallic finishing, which I supposed is the 1st batch premium.

What catches my eyes is the big sheet of semi-reflective sticker that was intended for nicer coloring without painting, but I was like WHAT is Supernova thinking, having us applying sticker to almost the whole kit? What year is this? They should just have better color finishing! I guess they have learned the lesson and improved on Sandrock Custom.

Section 3: Feet

The feet are pretty straight forward and standard for the Wing series. Detailing and parts separation is done nicely :)

Section 4: Legs

The inner-frame is also standard for Wing series but with elongated shins. The fitting is on point :)

On the exterior, the detailing and parts separation is nicely done. The legs would look amazing only with simple panel lining :)

Section 5: Waist and Lower Body

The waist unit is straight forward but is separated to quite a number of parts, and some are very sharp. The detailing and parts separation adds to the awesomeness of this kit :)

I just wish that the finishing of the green parts are as good as the Sandrock Custom :(

Section 6: Chest and Torso

The chest and torso is pretty straight forward... nicely done with good detailing.

Only flaw is the torso joint to the waist is too big... I've got to file it down in order to fit it in without damaging the kit :(

Section 7: Backpack

The backpack is nicely done :)

It would be mounted with the trident and the Twin Dragon Fang.

Section 8: Shoulders and Arms

Straight-forward and standard Wing series arms, with good detailing and parts separation.

Section 9: Head

Very nice parts separation, but is not friendly to my fat fingers :P

Section 10: Weapons and Accessories

The ultimate selling point of this kit is the representation of the Twin Dragon Fang :)

The Twin Dragon Fang could be mounted on the backpack and poses with the extended mechanical arms as mid-range weapon, or mounted on the forearms as a close range weapon.

Did any of you noticed that I have missed out the "jaw" section of the Twin Dragon Fang?

Next, is the signature round shield :)

And finally, the Double Trident... Supernova actually gave 2 sets of Double Trident, one in solid form and another in energy form :)

Section 11: Basic Posing with Double Trident and Shield

Section 12: Twin Dragon Fang in Action

The 2 sets of rod and stand are included in this kit. One would need to cut the rod accordingly to the needed height to hold the Dragon Fang.

The mechanical arms are mounted on the backpack.

Section 13: Dragon Fang Mounted on Forearm

The action base is the 1st batch premium of Sandrock Custom :P

My Personal Experience 

I was attracted but the improved design of the Nataku by Supernova. After getting my hand on this, I reckon this is a great kit except the color finishing... once the kit comes back, I might just try some glossy topcoat on it to see if I can make it look nicer :P

Overall, it took me about 16 hours to complete this kit with review and photo-taking in mind; it should about 9 hours otherwise.

The inner-frame is a very standard and straight-forward Wing series MG kit, but the exterior is of the new design with reference to the new novel and comics.

The kit is pretty steady, detailing are good, but color finishing is disappointing (but they improved greatly on Sandrock Custom)!

And because of the nice parts separation, this kit is both OOB-rookie and coloring-veteran friendly :) I can't wait for the next one, and I certainly hope Supernova would change their mind of not wanting to make the Wing Gundam.

Overall Rating (Not giving points, just what I felt)

Assembly Experience: Good :)
Plastic Quality: Good
Parts Separation: Very good :)
Color: Could be better :(
Detailing: Very good :)
Posing Possibility: Good ;)

Recommendation: Recommended :) 


Head/Neck: Very good
Shoulders: Good
Arms/Elbow: Good
Waist: Good
Skirt Armor: Excellent
Hip/Tight: Excellent
Knee: Excellent
Ankle: Good
Feet: Good

See you guys around :)

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