Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tutorial - Zaku II Leg Energy Pipe (Cannula) Assembly

I'm sure a lot of Zaku II lovers have the love/hate feeling especially with those energy pipes (cannula) :P

If you are following the instruction manual to assemble the leg energy pipes (cannula), you will have a hard time getting them right :P

After fixing up 2 Zaku II, I actually come out with my own way of fixing up the legs' energy pipes (cannula) which is almost the opposite to the instruction manual :P

First, cut out the small peg illustrated in the instruction booklet section 8-3. The ball-connector part on the left of the picture below ;)

Then use a plyer to fix the ball-connector part into the tight.

Follow by fixing the L-shape connector part to the side of the shin.

The leg will look like below after fixing the connector parts.

Then, fix the spring onto the shin connector.

And insert the pipe cover (cannula rings) to the spring ;)

Keep pulling the spring to extend it while inserting the cover bits (cannula rings).

And keep pulling, and ensure you still have some room after all 9 cover bits are all in as shown in the picture below.

Finally, insert the end of the spring to the tight connector and adjust the cover bits (cannula rings) accordingly.

This is the end result ;)

What do you think? Easier then following Bandai's instruction? I bet ;)

Ciao ;)

Tutorial - Panel Lining with Gold/Silver/Metallic Colors

Due to many inquiry regarding my panel lining with Gold/Silver/Metallic color, I have decided to make this tutorial on fan service;)

Do take note that this is normally for straight builder like me but the same concept could be applied to painted build as well, only you would need to use different color bases :)

Do check out for more in-depth information regarding painting ;)

Section 1: Preparation

Of course, you would need the metallic marker of your choice ;) I have here: -
  • LBX Gold+Silver+Gun Metal set (essentially quite the same with Gundam Marker),
  • Gundam Marker Metallic Green,
  • Gundam Marker Metallic Red,
  • Artline Calligraphy Marker Gold, and
  • Silver Permanent Marker gotten from bookstore.

You would also need the Mr. Hobby Paint Remover, and some tissues as well ;)

Next of course the parts you want to panel line :P

Section 2: Silver Panel Lining with 3rd Party Marker

Not necessary to use Gundam Marker... some 3rd party permanent markers also usable ;) Let start with the Silver marker :)

Before panel lining...

Panel line the detailing with the silver marker. Don't worry about the excessive paint ;)

Soak the tissue with a bit of paint remover...

Wipe the excessive paint with the tissue using light force...

The excessive paint would be wiped off but the silver in the detailing would stay ;)

Here's the close-up :)

Section 3: Gold Panel Line

I'm using the LBX Gold Marker for this demonstration ;)

Before panel lining...

Same thing, just draw along the detailing with the gold marker...

Wipe off the excessive paint with paint remover on a piece of tissue paper...

And here you go ;)

Section 4: Metallic Red Panel Line

Gundam Marker Metallic Red would be in action here ;)

Before panel lining...

Again, just draw along the detailing with the metallic red marker... and making sure the ink flow into the fine lines ;)

Wipe off the excessive paint with paint remover on a piece of tissue paper...

Done ;)

So guys, what do you think? Not too difficult right? Enjoy some innovation even with straight build ;)

Until next time... Ciao!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NG ORB-01 Akatsuki Oowashi/Shinarui (Gao Gao)

Actually, I have completed this kit some time ago but misplaced the initial batch of photos... I took apart this kit yesterday to sanp another set of photos in order to fulfill some request for me to review this kit ;)

Manufacturer: Gao Gao/TT Hongli
Scale: 1/100
Grade: NG
Origin: Gundam SEED Destiny
Price: RM90 (Contact me at for availability)

Due to the bling bling finish, I did no panel lining nor additional coloring :P

Section 1: Runners

My apology, I've lost my initial batch of photos together with the runners photos. Until the next commission work on this kit, I am unable to snap those photos again :P

Section 2: The Legs

Pretty solid legs here with reasonable articulation of a NG kit ;) Snap-fitting nicely here.

Section 3: Waist

Pretty straight-forward build :) Front skirts and side skirts is moveable but not the back skirts. No snap-fitting issue detected ;)

Section 4: Chest

Pretty standard for a NG kit :) The pull-out mechanism added more flexibility on posing ;) Snap-fitting nicely here.

Section 5: Arms

Pretty good articulations for a NG kit ;) The shoulder armor and the arms are in a single piece so it might hinders the movement a little bit...

Section 6: Head

Parts separations are nicely done ;)

Section 7: Plain Akatsuki

Akatsuki, without the weaponry and backpack ;)

Section 8: Weaponry

Akatsuki's standard weaponry ;)

Beam Rifle


Beam Sabers

Section 9: Akatsuki with Standard Weaponry

Section 10: OOWASHI Pack

Specialised backpack system made for atmosphere use, equipped with 4x jet engines and 2x rocket booster, and 2x Type 73F High-Energy Beam Cannon.

Oowashi Akatsuki

Oowashi Akatsuki with Twin High-Energy Beam Cannon

Oowashi Akatsuki Posing with Infinite Justice ;)

Section 11: SHIRANUI Pack

Specialised backpack system made for space use, equipped with 7x M531R Remote Control Beam Cannon Systems that are similar to the 1st generation Dragoon System.

Shiranui Akatsuki

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

The plastic quality is the usual of Gao Gao, and is better than initial TT Hongli quality ;) The detailing are not fantastics but it still comes close to 85% of the original, as Bandai's gold coating is still much more superior.


Articulations are the standard of a NG kit ;)
  • Head/Neck: Normal.
  • Shoulder:Very good! Althought the Oowashi backpack and the shoulder armor might hinder the movement :P
  • Arm/Elbow: Very good!
  • Wrist: Normal-, a bit loose but not big issue.
  • Hand: Normal. The NG fixed hand.
  • Waist: Normal+.
  • Skirt Armour: Normal+.
  • Hip/Tight: Normal, due to its ball-joint...
  • Knee: Normal.
  • Ankle: Good.
  • Feet: N/A.

Looks and Feels

The detailing is pretty alright and come close to 85% of the original. The snap-fit is nicely done but same as most of the bootleg chrome/plating mecha, certain peg need to trim a bit ;)

Overall, this kit is pretty good and would be a viable replacement for the original if you do not plan to spend over RM240 for the original :P

Still, for those of you who can afford, do buy original ;)

Fin :)