Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tutorial - Zaku II Leg Energy Pipe (Cannula) Assembly

I'm sure a lot of Zaku II lovers have the love/hate feeling especially with those energy pipes (cannula) :P

If you are following the instruction manual to assemble the leg energy pipes (cannula), you will have a hard time getting them right :P

After fixing up 2 Zaku II, I actually come out with my own way of fixing up the legs' energy pipes (cannula) which is almost the opposite to the instruction manual :P

First, cut out the small peg illustrated in the instruction booklet section 8-3. The ball-connector part on the left of the picture below ;)

Then use a plyer to fix the ball-connector part into the tight.

Follow by fixing the L-shape connector part to the side of the shin.

The leg will look like below after fixing the connector parts.

Then, fix the spring onto the shin connector.

And insert the pipe cover (cannula rings) to the spring ;)

Keep pulling the spring to extend it while inserting the cover bits (cannula rings).

And keep pulling, and ensure you still have some room after all 9 cover bits are all in as shown in the picture below.

Finally, insert the end of the spring to the tight connector and adjust the cover bits (cannula rings) accordingly.

This is the end result ;)

What do you think? Easier then following Bandai's instruction? I bet ;)

Ciao ;)


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    1. Good for you ;) Remember to buy from me :P