Friday, December 25, 2015

MG Skygrasper (Dragon Momoko) - Part 1

Hi hi :) I've been blogging quite often the last few weeks... hopefully my schedule allows me to keep this up :P

This round would be part 1 of Dragon Momoko's MG Skygrasper with Aile Striker.

Manufacturer: Dragon Momoko
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Series: Gundam SEED
Price: RM80 - RM90

For this pack, I will separate into multiple parts, as there is the Skygrasper, Aile Striker, 2 action stands, and some hands (manipulators). Let's start with the Skygrasper ;)

Section 1: Runners

Excellent parts separation, and quite good plastic quality :)

As similar to the earlier Sword Strike and Launcher Strike, Dragon Momoko included a little surprises... This kit comes with 3 copies of runner D1 for OOB straight builders like me... there is the original Blue colored, and a Red and Green for option.

Section 2: The Build

Well, this is not a mecha so there's no feet, arms, body, head and whatnot :P

To be honest, I am amazed with the parts separation and detailing.

Since there is no Skygrasper ever made in MG by Bandai, so I went lookup the RG and PG Skygrasper manual, and have confirmed that this is based on RG :)

Section 3: Completed Model

I am very happy with this so far :)

Section 4: Connectors

This kit also come with various connectors for Launcher and Sword Striker pack; it can also connect with Dragon Momoko's MG Akatsuki's Oowashi and Shiranui pack, as well as the Strike Rouge Ootori pack :)

Quick Review

Excellent parts separation, fantastic detailing, good plastic quality.

This is good for me, and I highly recommend this model, at this stage :P

Till we meet again :)

... Part 2 - Action Stands

... Part 3 - Aile Striker

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