Monday, December 14, 2015

Saint Seiya - Ikki & Shaka Effect Parts (China)

I am pretty sure you would have a question about my fire phoenix effect at the end of my Kamiki Burning review... and here's the answer :)

The Phoenix effect is from the Saint Seiya - Ikki & Shaka effect set, where it comes with the phoenix effect (Ho-yoku-tien-sho, off course), and the mind control blow (Ho-oh gan-ma ken), together with a stand, Shaka palm effect, and several background cards.

In this review, I will only showcase the Phoenix effect, as I do not own Ikki nor Shaka :P

These are the parts for the Phoenix, and the stand... After putting these parts together, which we need to use a little bit of force... you'll get to use it like below :)

I actually thought of this the moment Kamiki uses the Ho-oh Haoh Ken, and ordered this effect set right away... my shipment just arrive couple of days ago so instead of showing off with Build Burning alone, now I am doing it with all 3 Burnings :)

See ya later :)

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