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HG Origin MS-06S Zaku II Char's Customization (Bandai)

Hi guys :) It has been a year plus since my last review... work has been crazy. This round, I am doing a review on the 1st HG of Origin series, the Char's Zaku II.

Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG
Series: Gundam Origin
Price: 1700 Yen

Section 1: Runners

Very nice parts separation indeed. I welcome the RG-fied detailing on HG parts separation :)

Section 2: Decals & Accessories

This model comes with the standard sticker for the mono-eye and sensors, and a dry-decal sheet for additional marking :)

Most of the markings' locations are shown in the instruction booklet but not all :P (22) and (23) are for the shin armor, (25) (26) (27) (28) are for the skirt, and (24) should be on the right shield :) You can refer to my finished kit below. 

The rest is up to your liking ;)

Section 3: Feet/Legs

Frankly, I wasn't plan for this review until I start assembling the leg, and I felt that this is a MUST SHARE for my fellow Gunplaler.

Two things actually caught my attention... first, the RG-fied details all over, minus the complication of an RG... I have assembled RG Zaku II before, and the parts separation (for the outer armor) is too much and too fragile, and yet this kit can have the same look with minimum parts :)

Second thing, the inner-frame system. As you can see in the pictures, it comes almost with full inner-frame, minus the feet, and I absolutely loving this! Kudos, Bandai. Granted, they could have done a little more extra for the thrusters at the back of the shin, but I am pretty satisfied :)

To top is off, look at the extra marking provided ;) 

Section 4: Waist

The waist is an improved version from all the learning, and I could say that it is even better than the RG! The left and right front skirts are individual and can flip up to 90 degree, and the side skirts with ball polycap can actually move quite a bit without popping out :)

There is also a hip movement mechanism like some MG kits where the hip joints could be move forward/backward for posing ;)

See the white lines? They are the extra marking provided ;)

See some kneeling pictures here :)

Section 5: Chest

This is another piece that has gone thru major re-engineering :) 

You might not be able to observe much from the pictures below, but there is a mechanism to allow the contraction of the left and right pectoral "muscle", allowing the shoulder to be pulled further inwards for better posing, similar to HG Build/Try Burning Gundam ;) 

The abdomen is only 1 piece, as most of the mechanism is already built with the chest unit. With the new mechanism, it allow better poseability which previously is a nuisance to all Zaku :P

Section 6: Arms

The arms is the other section that has sort of inner-frame :) Parts separation is excellent. The spiked (left) shoulder has less movement as compare to MG and RG, but pretty nicely done nonetheless. You can also observe from the pictures (with my gold panel-lining) that the detailing are pretty fantastic on the spike shoulder.

Articulation is fantastic :)

Section 7: Head

The head is pretty standard HG Zaku II head :P I replace the mono-eye sticker with other accessories :)

Section 8: Weaponry

Sad little bad news... this kit does not come with the standard Zaku machine gun :P

Big A$$ Anti-Ship Rifle

This is huge, baby :P For the HG version, the whole rifle comes in 5 pieces, but the detailing is just amazing :) This is one of the attraction of this kit, I supposed.

Bazooka and Ammo

The looks like the standard Zaku bazooka with ammo loader :) This kit comes with 3 ammo packs, which one of them goes into the bazooka and the other two can be mounted on the right shield.

The bazooka could be mounted onto the backpack with the 1-piece accessory :)

Heat Hawk

Zaku standard issue :p This kit comes with two of them... one for mounting on the side skirt that comes with a peg (and without the cutting edge), and another if you decided to pose with a heat hawk.

Section 9: Char's Zaku II, Gundam the Origin version :)

Here it is, with gold panel-lining :P

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

Since this is a Bandai, nothing to complain on the quality of the plastic :) The detailing is fantastic! RG-fied detailing on a HG kit. It also comes with inner-frame on the arms and leg.


Articulations are very good!

Head/Neck: Excellent!
Shoulders: Excellent!
Arms/Elbow: Excellent!
Waist: Excellent!
Skirt Armor: Excellent!
Hip/Tight: Excellent!
Knee: Excellent!
Ankle: Excellent!
Feet: Good.

Looks and Feels

F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C !

No matter how many Zaku II you already have, this is a MUST BUY!

Cheers  ;)

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