Wednesday, June 17, 2015

HGBF Petit Beargguy (Dragon Momoko)

Hi guys, I'm back :) This round, I'll be doing a quick review on Dragon Momoko's Little Bear Family (Petit Beargguy).

Manufacturer: Dragon Momoko
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG
Series: Gundam Build Fighter
Price: RM18 - RM22

Section 1: Runners

This little bear(s) come in a set of 3, with colors different than the original by Bandai. The set of little bear comes in light brown (beige), light blue, and pink. Let take a look at the runners...

Light blue


Light brown / Beige

3 sets of common parts in white

2 sets of polycaps


Section 2: Assembly

Well, this kit is very straight-forward so I won't be writing much... let's see some pictures ;)

Head - parts


Body - parts


Legs - parts


Arms - parts


Chair / Connector with Beargguy :P

Assembly 1...

Assembly 2...

Assembly 3...

and here it is :)

Section 3: Photo Shooting :)

I just did some panel lining with the correspondence color and that's it :)

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

Pretty good job for Dragon Momoko replicating this in different colors, and selling in a set :p

Nothing to shout about, but this is a good alternative if you want to make a battalion of little bears... LOL :D


Articulations? What articulation? LOL... there is not much in this department...

Head/Neck: OK.
Shoulders: A little...
Arms/Elbow: None.
Waist: None.
Skirt Armor: None.
Hip/Tight: A little...
Knee: None.
Ankle: None.
Feet: A little...

Well, the expectation here is not the articulations, but the cuteness :D

Looks and Feels

Just like the original, minus the small stand, which is a let-down... but 3 for the price of 1 (original), I can foresee someone will make a battalion out of these (little) guys :)


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