Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SD Nightingale (MC Model)

Manufacturer: Model Comprehend (
Scale: SD (Super Deformed) No Limitation Scale
Origin: Char's Counter Attack side story

Price: RM88 (this is the price I paid for... market price varies from this to RM135)

Quick Review


  • Movement is kind of limited
  • Head: Fixed to one position and not movable, however, the LED mono-eye is movable :)
  • Torso: Not movable, but acceptable for Nightingale :p
  • Shoulder: OK, but strange joint system...
  • Elbow: Good :) Another strange joint system too, but quite good movement
  • Wrist: OK, for an SD ;)
  • Hip: OK... another strange joint system but I'm not going to pay a lot of attention to hip/leg movement to an SD due to the short legs :p
  • Knee: I can't find the knee :p
  • Feet: Very good movement ;)
  • Generally, this fits the typical articulation profile of an SD kit :) One need to take some effort to pose tho :p

Plastic Quality
  • Plastics quality is pretty nice


  • Well, its RED mostly, with some creamy colour and grey.
  • Some minor parts need colouring if you want to follow exactly the mecha profile.
  • I'm happy with the colour ;)

General Comments
  • I was amazed by the size of the box, the artwork, and the contents of this kit :)
  • This kit is consists of over 180 parts
  • It took me 10 hours to complete this with panel lining and decals :p and I enjoy assembling this kit ;)
  • Take some extra caution dealing with the shoulder thrusters... the connection to the body is very thin and easily broken.
  • A nice and enjoyable SD to have ;)
  • This kit worth every penny I spent :D
More pictures soon... :)

Box Comparison

I was shocked to see the box size and the box art... This proves that made-in-China can be good too ;) I'm not sure if you can observe, but the word "Nightingale" is shining silver and the scale at the lower right corner is in shining gold!!!

Open Box

9 runners for an SD... that's a lot of stuff! Total parts are around 180! I just wished that there are more decals :p

LED Unit

I think this is for the 1st time a LED unit is provided for an SD model kit. They even include the batteries!

Posing with MG 00Q

Wow, half the height of MG 00Q! Impressive! The body mess, with the thrusters, is close to MG 00Q tho :p

Posing with HGUC Gundam 7th

Gundam 7th is overwhelmed :p

Nightingale vs Hi-Nu

The meet of the rivals... in the wrong universe :p

Fighting Alongside Sazabi

How I wish there is an MG Nightingale...

With Mechanical Chain Base

Pose, pose, pose...

Posing with Action Base 2
More pose :p



  1. Great Full Review bro!.. Thumbs Up!.. this review is better than the 1 in Facebook!

  2. Nice. I'm getting mine soon, hope it turns out ok. Also, what kind of mechanical chain base did you use? It seems like it would be a decent fit for SD kits.

  3. Good for you :) I'm using the TT mechanical chain base, which is same as the Kotobukiya's.

  4. they don't include a beam saber for the Nightingale?

  5. No beam saber, only 1 beam rifle.