Sunday, January 30, 2011

HG RX-93 Nu-Gundoom (MC Model) - It's Decal Time ;)

Hi there,

Hope you guys enjoy my reviews and pictures so far ;) I am currently putting 3rd party decals I got from ICW on my Nu-Gundoom. I'll share my progress here from time to time ;)

Work in Progress

  • EFSF logo under the emblem ;)

  • Some warning signs ;)

  • EFSF logo on right
  • Lando Bell logo on left ;)

  • Lando Bell emblem on right front
  • RX-93 on right back
  • Amoro Ray sign on left back

Fin Funnels
  • Numbering on each funnel
  • Fin Funnel System sign on each funnel

Hyper Bazooka
  • AE symbol on each bazooka
  • AE sign on each bazooka
  • Caution sign on each bazooka

The Decal

This is the decal I am using ;) forgot to take picture before cutting :p

Nu-Gundoom, Complete with Decals

Fin ;)