Friday, January 14, 2011

MG ReZEL (Bandai)

I just receive a commissioning job from a friend for an MG ReZEL (not the commander type tho...) so I'll be updating this post along the way ;)

Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Original: Gundam UC (UC
0096, Unicorn)
Price: RM169 (expect price drop when commander type hit the shelf)

@ 3 Hours - Leg without External Armour

It is pretty easy to assemble the legs ;) Joints and articulations are quite good.

Flamingo Stance! Great Articulation ;)

@ 8 Hours - Inner Frame Completed

It is an enjoyable build for me so far :) Since the body is incorporated with transformation mechanism, I assemble it fully instead of doing the skeleton display :p

If you can observe, I actually painted the shoulder cameras/sensors with Silver, and the pipe at the back of the leg Silver as well.

This is a TALL kit... see the comparison with my MG Alex ;;)

@16 Hours - Completed with Decals

For this kit, I applied decals when it is still in un-assembled pieces :) I purposely do not fix up the exterior armour for the left shoulder and left leg to display the inner frame.

The colour separation is very well done... you can have a very nice kit even with only straight-build :) There is not much panel lining to do too.

Side-by-side with NT-1

Freeze! Or I'll Shoot!

This kit is very pose-able... not as good as MG 00 Qan[T] on the leg department but it is very good for a transformable MS (compare to MG V/V-Dash...).

From a Lower Angle

From a Higher Angle

Quick Review

Inner Frame
  • Plastic quality is excellent!
  • Movement and posability is excellent too, for a transformable MS!

  • Head/Neck: As usual, good :)
  • Shoulders: Excellent movement! It is only limited by the backpack when fully assembled ;)
  • Elbows: Excellent! Double-joint system, can bend in a great deal :)
  • Wrist/Hand: Excellent movement!
  • Upper body/Chest: No movement is possible.
  • Lower body/Torso: As usual, can twist left and right.
  • Hip: Ball-joint, but the angle of movement is pretty wide :)
  • Knee: Excellent!
  • Feet: Kind of limited due to the transformation mechanism but not a very big deal ;)

Exterior Armour/Parts
  • The exterior armour/parts are very good. Colour separation are done perfectly, making this kit looks very good even in straight-build. Due to the colour scheme and the excellent colour separations, there is very little panel lining needed ;)

  • The weapons are kind of lacking, with only a rifle, two (2) beam sabers, and two (2) missiles. There is also a shield, and two (2) spare rifle energy packs ;)

Special Point of Interest
  • Arm mounted beam saber: The beam sabers (and the missiles) are stored in a compartment on the forearm with a push-forward-open-the-hatch mechanism... the beam can be connected to the saber to form the arm mounted beam saber just like Unicorn ;)


This is a very enjoyable kit to build, and this kit looks good in straight-built ;) Sadly, Bandai is releasing the Commander Type, making this kit redundant once the Commander hits the shelf! The good thing is, we can expect some good discount for this kit then ;)