Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Perfect Grade" BB Zhang Fei (TT Hongli)

Manufacturer: TT Hongli
Scale: None
Grade: "Perfect Grade" SD
Origin: TT Hongli Mech-Hero Three-Kingdom

Pre-Order: RM35 per unit (COD price)
Pre-Order Set of 3 (different or same model): RM99 per set (COD price)

Quick Review

I was surprised to see that TT Hongli is actually releasing their own casting of Three-Kingdom SD model kits, when Bandai's casting of Sangokuden is so well known and well thought off... well, let start the quick review :)

Plastic Quality
  • The plastic quality is very nice. Bandai's still a little better but TT Hongli is not too far away with this kit...

Colour Separation
  • Well, TT Hongli did a good job here.

  • The sticker is not good... colour come off if scrubbed too hard with hands...

  • Head/Neck: So so... ball joint but the neck is a bit short so there is limited up/down movement... no issue left and right ;)
  • Shoulder: The shoulder is connected to the shoulder armour which then connects to the body. The movement of the shoulder is limited due to the shoulder armour and it cannot be opened wide (a common issue with SD/BB, even for Bandai).
  • Elbow: Elbow can be bend 90 degrees! Hardly see this feature in Bandai's SD/BB ;)
  • Hand/Wrist: As usual.
  • Torso: Can twist left & right :)
  • Hip: Ball joint to the tight... movement is pretty good.
  • Knee: An SD/BB with knee that can bend nearly to 90 degrees! Nuff say ;)
  • Ankle/Feet: Ball joint... quite good movement ;)
  • The articulation system is a little ahead of Bandai's SD/BB of the same price range.

  • Above average.

Things to look out for...
  • There are many tiny parts for the head... as small parts could be quite fragile, be extra careful not to break them ;)

  • Not a must have, but it is good to have for a change. TT Hongli could do better with this kit but I see no flaw still... the end result is quite satisfying ;)


Quite nice ;)


Odd... but nice.

Arm & Shoulder

Arm can bend 90 degrees! Hardly come by for SD/BB.


Front and back skirt can move a bit... side skirts can move outward! Nice!


Quite good movement :) Leg is longer than usual SD/BB, and the knee can bend almost to 90 degrees ;)


Nothing special tho...

Completed Kit

Quite macho :p

Comparison with Bandai's BB

The "Perfect Grade" is a bit taller than ordinary BB :)

Posing with Weapons


Fin ;)