Friday, December 28, 2012

Tutorial - MG 00 7 Sword/G (Daban) Buster Sword II LED Fix

Hi guys :)

I have received a few inquiry on problem inserting the LED unit into the Buster Sword II of Daban 00 7 Sword/G, and finally here's the pictured tutorial :P

From the picture above, you can see that at (1), it is flat-edge at the bottom of the LED compartment behind the Buster Sword II. You can also observe that the LED unit is round in shape, and (2) is the place where it should be flatten in order for it to be inserted into the compartment.

What you need to do is to either use your whatever cutting tool to trim away (2)...

... or you could use a filer like above :)

Here a photo comparison of the before and after for your reference. This small mod would not damage the LED unit at all as you can see from the picture.

Hope this helps.

Fin ;)


  1. thank you very much! Been trying to figure out how to insert it. Thank you very much sir! :D

  2. can do for MG 0 raiser? i'm having the same issue. the LED can't be insert into the binders.

  3. i've a problem too,it's hard too put led into chest,coz the led will shine on

  4. How do you remove the gn drives on the gundam 00 if you're going to change dead batteries?