Friday, December 21, 2012

MG GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam (Bandai)

Hi folks! Do you enjoy my review for EX-S (part-1) and Char's Rick-DOM? While awaiting new kit, I would like to share my half-commissioning work of Bandai's MG Blitz Gundam :)

Why half-commissioning? My friend snap-fitted this baby with panel lining and decal, so I took it apart, do some panel lining, apply the decals, and did a gloss top-coat. Due to the half-commissioning nature, I do not have pictures of the runners and no skeleton build.

Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Origin: SEED
Price: 4000 Yen

Section 1: The Legs

Very solid legs with excellent parts separation! Normal tutorial seldom talk about panel lining black parts, but some metallic color (in the case of Blitz, Metallic Red, Metallic Purple, Silver and Gold) will make it looks even nicer ;)

Section 2: The Waist Unit

Very nicely done waist unit :) Did some minor coloring with Silver and Metallic Red.

Section 3: The Chest Unit

Parts separation is near excellent. The lower abdomen allow the upper body to tilt in all direction, adding a great deal of pose-ability to the kit ;)

Section 4: The Thruster Unit

Pretty straight forward thrusters with excellent parts separation. You can basically paint everything separately.

Section 5: The Shoulder Unit

The shoulders looks simple but once again, the parts separation is excellent as it can switch to Mirage Colloid deployment mode ;)

Section 6: The Arm Unit

Pretty good articulation for the arms. Some shades of Metallic Red would improve the appearance ;)

Section 7: The Head Unit

Smart looking head unit with excellent parts separation ;)

Section 8: Weaponry


This piece of equipment is basically a Shield equipped with a combination of: -
  • 50mm High-energy Beam Rifle
  • Beam Saber
  • Lancer Dart x3


A grappling equipment that could be deployed and grapple objects or MS.

Section 9: StandART ;)

Section 10: Posing ;)

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

Since this is a Bandai original, no issue on the quality of the plastic. As for detailing and parts separation, Bandai have done an excellent job.


Articulations are very good! Bandai did great with the new SEED series!
  • Head/Neck: Good!
  • Shoulder: Very good!
  • Arm/Elbow: Excellent!
  • Wrist: Good.
  • Hand: Good... I like the fixed hands ;)
  • Waist: Very Good!
  • Skirt Armour: Good.
  • Hip/Tight: Excellent!
  • Knee: Excellent!
  • Ankle: Good.
  • Feet: Good.

Looks and Feels

This kit a very nice. Although the price of 4000 Yen seems a bit stiff for a simple kit, the parts separation and detailing actually makes it worth the money.

The decals are in the right amount... not as much as a Ver. KA but good enough to improve the impression of the kit ;)

I'm giving this kit 100/100! I ABSOLUTELY loving this kit! If you are a SEED fan, this kit is a must have!

Fin ;)


  1. Hey nice review!btw i look forward to the review of dragon momoko HG Age 1 Razor!!