Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MG MSA-0011(Ext) EX-S Gundam (Daban) - Part 2

Finally, Daban MG EX-S completed with alternate colored armor ;) In this part II, we are going to see some thrusters and fuel tanks. Click here if you would like to refer to my Part-1 ;)

Manufacturer: Daban
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Origin: Gundam Sentinel
Price: About RM160 special price (Normal price RM180. Email me at DuelMasterNG@yahoo.com for latest price and availability)

Let's get it on ;)

Section 1: Booster Pack with Beam Cannons

A big piece of baby here. It is black mostly, so metallic color lining would makes it interesting ;)

Not much of a snap-fitting issue here.

Section 2: Propellant Tank

Pretty plastic look... should try painting it.

Section 3: Beam Smart Gun

Section 4: Full Mecha Posing

Section 5: Size Comparison

For the sake of size comparison, I am putting side-by-side with EX-S an MG Astray Blue Frame ;)

Add-on Short Review

This baby is a huge piece of brick with very limited pose-ability but it looks very nice just being on the stand :) You can actually adjust the angle of the stand and do some creative posing instead of following the pose in the manual :P

At this point of completion, my earlier review (EX-S Part 1) still stands where the snap-fitting is very nicely done with no issue. You would need to take a little more caution in "screwing" as plastic is not really meant to be "screw" hard :P

I don't really plan to transform from MS form to G-Cruiser form at the moment so part-3 will be on hold indefinitely :P Maybe some where down the road I will assemble another and remain in G-Cruiser mode.

Just to make it easier for your reference, I repeat the articulation section I did for part-1: -
  • Head/Neck: Normal
  • Shoulder: Good
  • Arm/Elbow: Good
  • Wrist: Normal
  • Hand: Normal
  • Waist: None! Not moveable!
  • Skirt Armour: None.
  • Hip/Tight: Good.
  • Knee: Bad! Can only bend by a little bit :P
  • Ankle: Normal.
  • Feet: Good.

This kit is a very viable replacement of the original, and Daban makes it even more irresistible by bundling in an extra set of orange-colored armor in place of the blue-colored one as you can see from the runner pictures in my Part-1.

For those of you who are supportive to Bandai, you would have gotten the original but with have the price and getting an extra set of armor, maybe you would get one and assemble as G-Cruiser for display purpose ;)

Fin ;)

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