Friday, March 18, 2011

Mechanical Chain Base 006 (TT Hongli )

Hi guys, this is the second of the 2nd series of TT Hongli Mechanical Chain Base ;) And like the 1st series, it comes in 3 units (004, 005, 006) and these units could be chained together as well.

Manufacturer: TT Hongli
Measurement: length 15cm x width 15cm x height 16cm
Colour: Dark gray
Price: RM25, or less...
Availability: Stay tuned for announcement ;)


  • 1 x wall piece
  • 1 x floor piece
  • 1 x lighting unit with panel (4 pieces)
  • 3 x small-size container
  • 2 x large launching pads (suitable for 1/100 scaled gunpla)

Quick Review

Plastic quality: pretty good :)
Detailing: very good :)
Colour: Comes in dark gray... you can do whatever you want with it ;)

Various Photos

Fin ;)

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