Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mechanical Chain Base 003 (TT Hongli )

Hi there :)

At last, my review of the last of TT Hongli's Series 1 Mechanical Chain Base, the 003... which I'd mentioned in the 001 post that my friend is bringing in from China at a price that is atleast 40% cheaper than the Kotoxxxxxx!

Manufacturer: TT Hongli
Measurement: length 15cm x width 15cm x height 16cm

Colour: Dark gray
Price: RM25, or less...
Availability: Stay tuned for announcement ;)


  • 1 x wall piece
  • 1 x floor piece
  • 1 x cat walk platform (the corridor/balcony thingy)
  • 1 x extended cat walk platform
  • 1 x missile cart

Quick Review

Plastic quality: pretty good :)
Detailing: very good :)
Colour: Comes in dark gray... you can do whatever you want with it ;)

The Wall Piece

This is the piece to resemble the hangar wall, same as 001 and 002 ;)

The Floor Piece

This is the piece to resemble the floor with mechanical details ;)

The Catwalk & Extended Platform

This is the piece resembling the walkway in the hanger base ;)

MS Posing with the Chain Base 003

My Nu-Gundam posing with the Chain Base 003 ;) Amuro Ray is about the exit the Nu-Gundam.

Chaining Mechanical Base 001 - 003

Multiple bases could be connected with one another, hence "Chain", to form a longer base for more creative display. Here's a simple example...

Fin ;)


  1. All 3 base oso looks so nice, which one 2 choose leh? Hmmmm.... David Tan

  2. Take all 3 la ;) can join together ma ;)

  3. not so expensive la if my friend managed to get and sell @ RM25 per piece ;) I'll let you know if my friend confirm getting it :)

  4. Hi,

    Can use the wall for 3D effect? Without getting Set B..

    1. If you want to have wall on both side, you need set B.

    2. If you want to have wall on both side, you need set B.

    3. I see.. Even having 2 types from Set A cant get wall on both side eh?

    4. You are right. Do search for mechanical base configuration guide in my blog... You'll get more details ;)

    5. Yup saw that.. Just was wondering isit possible to do with same set.. Thx for your guide.. :)