Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mechanical Chain Base 001 (TT Hongli )

Hi folks :)

For my 1st post of March 2011, I am going to do a quick review of TT Hongli's Mechanical Chain Base 001... yes, TT Hongli's! The price is atleast 40% cheaper than the Kotoxxxxxx!

I got this from my friend who is planning to bring this into Malaysia market and am pretty satisfied with it... I was tempted to buy Kotoxxxxxx some time ago but held off as they are pretty expensive, but now (almost) everyone can have chain bases ;)

My friend is planning to bring in 001 - 006, so do stay tuned for my review of the rest ;)

Manufacturer: TT Hongli
Measurement: length 15cm x width 15cm x height 16cm

Colour: Dark gray
Price: RM25, or less...
Availability: Stay tuned for announcement ;)

  • 1 x wall piece
  • 1 x floor piece
  • 2 x long hanger/rack/hook
  • 2 x short hanger/rack/hook
  • 1 x hanger/rack mounting
  • 1 x weapon transport vehicle

Quick Review

Plastic quality: pretty good :)
Detailing: very good :)
Colour: Comes in dark gray... you can do whatever you want with it ;)

The Wall Piece

This is the piece to resemble the hangar wall ;)

The Floor Piece

This is the piece to resemble the floor with mechanical details ;)

The Hanger/Rack/Hook Mounting Piece

This is the piece where the 2 pairs of hanger/rack/hook is mounted. This is then mounted to the wall piece ;)

The Hanger/Rack/Hook

2 pairs of hanger/rack/hook for miscellaneous usage such as hanging weapons ;) Use your imagination!

The Weapon Transport Vehicle

Well... not necessary for transporting of weapon(s) only... you could put anything on it :p

The Hangers/Racks/Hooks Mounted on Wall

The 2 sets of long and short hanger/rack/hook mounted to the wall piece using the hanger/rack mounting. As you could see, you may adjust the distance between hangers/racks ;)

MS Posing with the Chain Base 001

My Nu-Gundam posing with the Chain Base 001 ;) The Hyper Bazooka is hanged on the wall piece by the hangers/racks, and the shield is being transported by the vehicle.

Multiple bases could be connected with one another, hence "Chain", to form a longer base for more creative display. I shall show a demo after my next 2 reviews for 002 and 003 so once again, stay tuned ;)

Fin... for the time being ;)


  1. Well... it is not expensive, and my friend shall announce the availability soon ;) stay tuned.

  2. YeS!... Sooner or later, we can say every1 can buy base!..

  3. i like it, i like it... if price is ard tat, reserve 1 for me... thanks, David Tan

  4. Sure :) waiting for my friend's shipment to come in ;)

  5. fr the pic it looks quite solid, hw's d quality?

  6. Any of those chain base compatible with MG? The launching pad one I think not fit

  7. Hi Mell 10-11,

    Bases need to be "chained" to match the size of the Gunpla ;) For MG, you would need 2 wall units to match the height.

    As for the launch pad sets (004 - 006), 006 would match the size of MG with larger pad ;)