Saturday, March 26, 2011

QY "Rainbow" Lighting Stand Review, Pictures & Video

Hi folks :) It seems that I've been doing quite a bit of review for accessories in March, and today shall be the "Rainbow" Lighting Base from QY ;)

Manufacturer: QY
Price: RM28, or less
Availability: My friend have small amount of stock ;)

Since this is a lighting stand, there is not much thing to review... the plastic quality is very nice, and very similar to the original one that is selling for RM46 or more in the market :p

I was pleasantly surprised by the "Rainbow" effect tho ;) It is pretty hard to observe from my pictures, therefore I have posted a video in addition.

Single Stand, with my Dynames Gundam from 00 Season 1

4 Stands Joint Together, with all 4 main Gundam from 00 Season 1

00 Season 1 Gundams in the Dark

Link to my Youtube video...



  1. where can i get this bro?? available for sale??

  2. I've got 4 units with me at the moment...

    COD (KL/Cheras): 1 unit for RM28, 2 units for RM50
    Postage: Estimate RM10 additional via Poslaju within Peninsular Malaysia

    Let me know if you are interested.