Thursday, April 5, 2012

MG GAT-X105E Strike E + IWSP (Gao Gao)

Hi guys, here's one of the older kit... the 008 of Gao Gao, MG Strike E + IWSP ;) This have been with me for quite some time as it doesn't even have the "MC" sticker by Malaysian government.

Manufacturer: Gao Gao/TT Hongli
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Origin: Gundam SEED
Price: RM85 (Those who are interested can contact me)

Please take note that I did minor detail coloring with gold and silver, and for some inner lining so please do not expect that to be pre-colored on your kit ;)

Section 1: Runners

Detailing are pretty good giving the age of this kit... it was 008 and now already 029 for Gao Gao MG series. I would say it is up to 90% as good compare to the original.

The plastics quality is pretty the usual Gao Gao quality which is not bad ;)

Section 2: Decals

As it is well known fact, Gao Gao is giving dry-sticker decal in the older days (this is the older batch... very old) and the quality are no match for today's decal by Gao Gao. The dry-stickers are in a shinny finish rather than the flat finish nowadays :P.

This kit have enough detailing that can go without any decals tho ;)

Section 3: Skeleton Build

The Legs

Articulations are very good! The only flaw is the ankle and hip joints is a bit loose but nothing can't be fixed so I'm still happy with it :P

The Waist

Pretty straight-forward ;)

The Chest

The pull-out mechanism would allow the shoulder joints to be pulled out for more dynamic posing. The neck employed a dual-joints head could tilt forward and backward pretty well ;)

The Shoulders

Straight-forward build :)

The Arms

Excellent articulations for the arms! However, the joint between the elbow and forearm is a bit loose by design... it does not affect the posing but I wonder the original have the same issue.

Completed Skeleton

Without the head :P

Very good articulations ;) I just wished that the hip is the newer triple joint like the new MG Duel Gundam instead of ball joint...

Section 4: The Legs

Pretty straight-forward build with very good articulations. Parts separations are well done with no snap-fit issue ;)

Section 5: Waist

A very nice waist ;) Parts separations are good, but the skirt armor will hinder the turning of the waist.

Section 6: Chest

Pretty straight forward build. Snap-fitting pretty well here too ;)

Section 7: Shoulders

Pretty straight-forward build too, but I recommend to glue the yellow pieces ;)

Section 8: Arms

Fantastic arms ;) No hindrance of movement here. Bandai actually included additional 3 sets of fixed hands beside this semi-articulated hand so does Gao Gao ;) 1 set for holding guns, 1 set for swords, and the open palms.

Section 9: The Head

Parts separations is very good! The face piece might take some effort to fit into the red chin piece but otherwise is good :)

Section 10: Weaponry

Well, Strike E comes with tons of weapons ;)

Beam Machine Gun

Beam Rifle (Duel Gundam used)

Beam Rifle (Strike Gundam used)

Gattling Shield + Beam Boomerang

Beam Boomerang

Grand Slam Sword

Anti-Ship Swords

Section 11: Main Mecha

Without the IWSP backpack.

Section 12: Various Posing with IWSP Pack and Various Weapons

IWSP with Beam Machine Guns

IWSP with Beam Rifles

IWSP with Anti-Ship Swords

IWSP with Gattling Shield and Grand Slam Sword

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

The plastic quality is the usual Gao Gao/TT Hongli quality. The detailing are nicely done.


Articulations are very good!
  • Head/Neck: Good!
  • Shoulder: Excellent!
  • Arm/Elbow: Excellent!
  • Wrist: Normal.
  • Hand: Normal.
  • Waist: Normal.
  • Skirt Armour: Normal.
  • Hip/Tight: Normal.
  • Knee: Excellent.
  • Ankle: Normal.
  • Feet: Good.

Looks and Feels

The detailing is pretty good and come close to 90% of the original!

The snap-fit is also very nicely done except the face piece but it could be an isolated case. The hip and ankle joint is pretty loose but can easily fix with the superglue trick ;)

One minor issue is that the stand is a bit too light to hold up the fully-loaded Strike E + IWSP on creative posing so if you can get your hand on an action base 1, use that instead :)

Overall, this kit is pretty nice and could be a viable replacement of the original if you are tight in budget but want to complete the collection of SEED kits ;)

Still, for those of you who can afford, do buy original ;)

Fin :)


  1. i would like 2 order 1~
    MG right?

    1. Kindly please send me your contact details to

  2. i ve just buy it too. and going to make a kinda post like u.
    and i felt the same too with Hongli products. so far, Hongli is like a gamble...
    maybe its my luck, no loose joits, no tricked parts,etc. but its far better than LW DRAGON's product
    hey, did you got the stikcer with blue layer like in ccademy models? i got it and dont know how to apply it....
    hope you can help..send to
    thanks ^_~

  3. I got this one yesterday and assembled the IWSP. Boy, there are some parts that just won't align. There are gaps everywhere and I have to glue the anti-ship parts together :|

    1. Mine are pretty alright as you can see from the pictures :) Are you getting the GaoGao/TTHL or the GHD?