Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zeon (Sinanju) Logo Stand for MG/HG

Hi guys, today's a quick one for the Zeon (Sinanju) Logo Action Stand for MG/HG. I wouldn't call this a bootleg since there's none of the same from Bandai :P

Manufacturer: Unknown China Manufacturer
Suitable for: MG and HG model kits
Price: RM15 per unit (PM me at for availability)

Section 1: Runners

One the base of the stand, the Sinanju logo, and one other runner for the parts ;)

These are all the component after assembly... straight build only takes less than 15 minutes :P

Section 2: Completed Stand

Pretty nice end product, just be a bit gentle with the small leg as it feels fragile :P

Side-by-side with Action Stand 1

Section 3: Action Stand in Action :P

Quick Review

Plastic quality is quite decent but the small leg is a bit fragile so handle with care. There is a lot of possibility with this stand as you could easily spray it gold. For RM15 per unit, this stand is a good value for money ;)


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