Sunday, April 22, 2012

Qi Explosion Effect Stand (Silver Castle)

Just got this sample from my supplier 2 days ago... my stock should be reaching in these few days so if you guys are interested ;)

Manufacturer: Silver Castle (China)
Color: Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Clear
Price: RM15 per piece (email to me at for availability)

Section 01: Runner

Not much runner for this simple stand, but the quality of the clear parts are superb!

Section 02: Individual Parts

These are the parts after separated from the runner ;)

Section 03: Assembly

Actually, I just want to share more pictures :P

Section 04: Shining Finga!!!!

Posing with MG Shining Gundam ;)

Add-on lighting base ;)

Quick Review

Plastics quality is superb, and there are numerous potential with this effect stand for basic and advance diorama! RM15 per piece? I would get a set of all available color myself ;)

Fin ;)

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