Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HG MRX-009 Psycho Gundam (Gao Gao)

Hi guys :)

I gotten myself a TT Hongli made MRX-009 Psycho Gundam and am doing a quick review here ;) This is the latest HG by TT Hongli and the quality is very very good for a bootleg and I am very happy with this.

Manufacturer: TT Hongli
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG

Origin: Zeta Gundam
Price: RM80 - RM100

Part 1: Unboxing

I am pleasantly surprised by the contents... it doesn't looked bootleg! All parts are nicely done and most of the detailing are intact ;) There are little excessive plastic on the male peck and the polycap but it does not pose any problem.

See for yourself ;)

Instruction Manual


Part 2: Legs & Feet

The legs of Psycho Gundam is one complicated piece as there are quite a number of moveable parts for the MA transformation :p In fact I would rate that these legs are the most complicated in HG kits so far I have seen ;)

The knee can be bent to a 90 degree which is pretty nice, and the hip is connected via ball-joint which also provides decent articulation.

The ankle is nicely done too ;)

Leg's Inner Frame in Progress

Parts that Forms the Leg

A Completed Leg ;)

Wonder How Big the Leg is?

I am comparing the leg itself with my HGUC RX-78-2 G30th of the same scale... this is 1 huge barger!

Part 3: Body

The upper body and lower body are separate pieces, but unfortunately, it cannot be twisted left and right due to the transformation mechanism... Having said that, this does not affect Psycho much as most of us would not expect it to do any dynamic poses :p

Torso, Front

Upper Body + Torso, Front

Upper Body + Torso, Front & Back

Upper Body + Torso + Hip + Legs ;)

Part 4: Arms & Hands

The arms and hands of Psycho are pretty complicated too due to the transformation mechanism ;) The hands are like any 1/60 kit, all fingers are moveable individually!

Part 5: Completed Psycho Gundam

This is one macho gunpla! A 1/144 scale gunpla that stands as tall as a 1/60 gunpla!

Part 6: Size Comparison with Some HGUC Gunpla

Now you see the differences in size!

With Nu Gundam

With RX-78-2 Gundam

Quick Review

Plastic quality

The plastic is pretty nice ;)

  • Head/Neck: Usual ball-joint... a bit limited as the neck is pretty short :p
  • Shoulder: Fantastic! Very highly pose-able.
  • Arm/Elbow: Normal.
  • Wrist: Normal.
  • Hand: Excellent! All fingers are moveable individually.
  • Waist: Not moveable :p
  • Skirt Armour: Usual ;)
  • Hip/Tight: Pretty good... just a bit limited for side-way movement due to the ball-joint.
  • Knee: Normal.
  • Ankle: Normal.

Looks and Feels

AWESOME! You would not think this is a bootleg unless you are told :p
I am very happy with this model ;) Stay tuned for my Psycho Gundam MA mode...

Fin ;)