Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NG MBF-P01 Astray Gold Frame (Bandai)

I did this on 709... the day where BERSIH took place, therefore I nick-named this kit Gundam Bersih too ;)

Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/100
Grade: NG

Origin: Gundam SEED Astray
Price: 4000 Yen

Part 1: Weaponry

Just though of reducing the quantity of runners so I started with Weaponry first :p There's a beam rifle, a shield, and a Bazooka similar to the one used by Duel Gundam.

I did some panel lining with gold colour ;)

Part 2: Legs

The knee and ankle articulations are pretty decent. There are quite a number of nub marks on the gold-coloured parts but none of them would be visible after assembling ;)

For the visible locations, the nub marks are actually beneath the parts so you won't be scratching off the chrome colour while cleaning them ;)

Pretty nicely done for the chrome parts.

Part 3: Torso

Nothing much to mention about the torso ;p

Torso + Legs ;)

Part 4: Upper Body

Parts separation is nicely done, and the nub marks on the gold parts are not visible at all... nicely done!

Part 5: Arms & Shoulders

I must say, the shoulder mechanism employed by Gundam Astray (i.e. Gold Frame, Blue Frame, Red Frame) are pretty fantastic in the articulation... it permits a lot of movement, only to be limited by the oversized shoulder armour or backpack ;)

The elbow and wrist articulations also pretty nicely done too. The only visible nub mark for the gold parts are the inner side of the wrist but can be easily made away with my Artline 990 Gold marker ;)

For any Astray Gundam, the small piece at the back of the upper arm would drop off pretty often... this could be resolved by modelling glue, blutag, or small piece of double-sided tape.

Part 6: The Head

Pretty nice :)

Part 7: The Astray Gold Frame

The Gundam with only the basic backpack :)

Part 8: Posing with Beam Rifle, Bazooka & Shield ;)

With beam rifle, bazooka and shield ;) As you can see, I panel-lined some of the black parts with gold colour, and the outcome is pretty nice.

Part 9: Posing with Astray Blue Frame :D

Quick Review

Plastic quality

It's a Bandai, so obviously the plastic is pretty nice ;)

Colour, especially the Gold

The part gates are nicely done and Bandai is making this kit with the chrome gold colour in mind, unlike some extra or metallic or titanium finish version of some kits... some of the gates/runner connectors are actually beneath the parts, allowing the touching up of the nub marks without causing damage to the gold surface ;)

  • Head/Neck: Usual ball-joint.
  • Shoulder: Fantastic! Very highly pose-able.
  • Arm/Elbow: Very good.
  • Wrist: Very good.
  • Hand: Fingers are non-moveable.
  • Waist: Normal, can turn left and right.
  • Skirt Armour: No skirt armour :p
  • Hip/Tight: Pretty good... just a bit limited for side-way movement.
  • Knee: Very good.
  • Ankle: Normal+.


Pretty pose-able for an NG ;) It would be even more pose-able if you cut off a little bit at the top of the tight.

Looks and Feels

This is a pretty plain Gundam, but the touch of gold makes it look very nice, and I love it! I have no regret buying this but a warning for those who intend to get this... you'll poison yourself to get the Gold Frame Amatsu and the rest of the Astray Gundam if you are doing so ;)

Fin ;)


  1. Hey im Just Curious and want to ask,you know the akatsuki NG come with 2 backpack owashi and shiranui,can the owashi backpack fit for this Astary Gold Frame ?

    1. I have not try, but I think you would need a backpack converter.