Thursday, June 30, 2011

Universal PG Action Stand

Hi guys,

I've received something interesting from my supplier friend yesterday, the long awaited PG Universal Action Base!

Manufacturer: 飓风 (Hurricane)
Price: Usual price RM50 (Message to me for availability)

I start assembling it right away and complete it within 10 minutes, and here's my quick review.

Quick Review

This action base is actually a duplicate of the PG 00 Raiser action base. There are 4 connectors especially made to fit 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser, but 2 of them could be used to hold up other PG, 1/60, MG and 1/100.

Although it says Universal... some small modding (blu-tag or super-glue) would be needed for older PG as they do not have any built-in hold for the connectors... however, PG Astray Red Frame fitted nicely as per test result from my other friend ;)

There are also 3 pieces of action base 1 connectors comes together with this kit but I have not find a way to utilise them yet :p

As for the price point, it seems to be on the high side but I came across people selling the original Bandai (that comes with PG 00 Raiser) for around RM130-150 so this is a viable replacement with the similar quality ;)

Plastics quality: The plastic quality is good.
Snap-fit: The parts snap-fitted perfectly.
Sturdiness: The action base is very sturdy!

Conclusion: Something for your consideration if you can afford the money ;)

Runners & Individual Assembled Parts

2 Forms of the Action Stand

This action base can be made into 2 forms exactly the same as the PG 00 Raiser action base ;)

Posing with My PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom without its Wing :p

I am very disappointed with the overweight PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom therefore I do not pose with it :p Generally, this action base have no issue holding up a PG or 1/60 but I do recommend minor modification or just simply applying some blu-tag ;)

Posing with My PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom, with its Wing :p

I super-glue the connector to the crotch of my PG Wing Zero and finally got it to balance with all the Wings... The issue is not with the PG Action Stand but lies with the design of PG Wing Zero Custom itself!

Fin ;)


  1. Nice review~!
    Now got new company 飓风, who's next ^^

  2. can it pose normally without action stand after you superglue it?

  3. No interference to posing even superglue the connector :)

  4. really?
    can you post a picture of the crotch?
    i wanna see it

  5. the picture of the crotch without action stand, i mean

  6. wow! how could you attach that with wing zero custom? as i know that wing zero custom's crotch using metal frame?
    and yeah! i like your review, i'll follow your review

  7. this is really something! how can i get one? do you have fb account?

  8. Hi, where can I buy one of these? I've seen it in a clear colour, do they sell them in that colour?

    1. It is good that you provide your location while asking where to buy ;) I have sold out this stand and do not have the clear version, but yes, there's a clear version and someone might be selling it ;)

    2. Damn :( Can you let me know if you get anymore?

  9. hi sir.. been reading ur blogs.. thanks for the daban 00 raiser review.. i bought one when i saw ur review.. nice job.. :)))

    btw, can you make a review of the PG rx-178 mk2 either titans or the aeug.. planning to buy one.. :))) thanks sir.. :)))

  10. I have this one and PG 00 Raiser too.
    Its realy fit with my 00-Gundam (rear base) but not with 0-Raiser (front base)