Monday, October 1, 2012

SD Hi-Nu (Hi-V) Gundoom (MC Model)

Hi folks ;) After both 00, its now time for the MC Model SD Hi-Nu (Hi-V) Gundoom that is long awaited :)

Manufacturer: MC Model
Scale: None
Grade: SD
Origin: Chars Counterattack Side Story
Price: About RM95 (email me at for latest price and availability)

Section 1: Runners

As the track record of MC Model, the detailing are fantastic! As to the price :P

Plastic quality seems good too but given the track record of MC Model, do apply primer if you are planning to paint the kit, and do not use thinner that is too strong ;)

Section 2: Decals & Effect Parts

Foil Sticker

The quality is pretty decent :)

Wing of Light

Stand, Funnel Rods & Water Decal ;)

Section 3: Manual

Section 4: The Head

Took me some time to fix up the LED. I broke the pin of the LED comes with the kit but I have a lot of spare so not much of an issue :P But frankly speaking, MC Model should try to integrate the MG LED system instead of having us doing this LED system manually again and again :P

Detailing are pretty amazing ;)

Section 5: The Legs

Parts separation for the legs are amazing for an SD! Articulation is not fantastic but does exist for the hip, knee and ankle ;)

I am truly amazed!

Section 6: The Waist

The parts separation for the waist unit is as good as any HG kit! It might not look nice in plain, but with panel lining and a little detail coloring like I did using metallic red, it turns out very nice ;)

Section 7: The Chest

The parts and color separation are amazing for the chest! You have got to see it to believe it! The drak grey, white and blue parts are molded separately, so it'll look fantastic even with slight paneling :)

Furthermore, the shoulder joints are also highly articulated ;)

Section 8: The Shoulders

Very straight forward build but amazing 4-piece for a shoulder for an SD kit ;)

Section 9: The Arms

Same as the legs, the parts separation are fantastic! Shoulders, elbows, wrists are all articulated with very good detailing! MC Model gives 3 pairs of hands, 1 pair for the rifle, 1 pair for beam saber and another for posture ;)

Section 10: The Stabilizer

A basic 2-piece, and same as the waist, would look nice with basic panel lining and minor coloring ;)

Section 11: The Fin Funnel Sysem

I would say the parts separation for fin funnel system is better then the Bandai's HG counterpart! At least all 6 fin funnels are deployable unlike only 2 units :P

Section 12: Weaponry and Fuel Tanks

Basic weaponry of Beam Rifle, Beam Saber and Shield.

Section 13: Putting it Together

No issue for putting up the kit except the head... I can't seems to properly insert the head into the neck joint but I recon this could be an isolated case :P

Nevertheless, an AWESOME SD I'm seeing here!

Comparison with Bandai HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam

Section 14: Posing with Wing of Light (1st Batch Premium)

This effect is the 1st batch premium comes only with the 1st batch of production of this kit ;) It reflects different lighting effect at a different angle and is pretty nice done.

Section 15: Posing with Fin Funnel Deployment

TBA ;)

Quick Review

First and foremost, this is one AWESOME SD! The price is pretty stiff (as usual to any MC Model kit) but it worth my every penny spent!

Plastic Quality and Detailing

Detailing for this kit is excellent... This is an SD with HG complexity with awesome parts separation. As for the plastic, the quality is pretty nice but a bit softer compare to the usual Daban and Gao Gao.

Beside the greyish white, the color separation is also very nicely done; we can't really expect too much for very small area but generally I would consider the excellent for an SD ;)


Articulations are very good if we are talking SD standard!
  • Head/Neck: Decent at most! Well, cannot expect much with the BIG head :P I am having a hard time connecting the head with the neck joint... could be an isolated case tho.
  • Shoulder: Excellent!
  • Arm/Elbow: Excellent for SD standard! Decent for HG standard :P
  • Wrist: Normal.
  • Waist: Good.
  • Skirt Armour: Good.
  • Hip/Tight: Normal.
  • Knee: Good for SD standard, Decent for HG standard ;)
  • Ankle: Good.

Looks and Feels

So far, MC Model has not fail me on their kits and I am actually AMAZED by this kit that I never thought of buying :P

The detailing is excellent and with good articulation so it makes this kit very presentable ;) For those who think SD is child-play, you should think again after getting your hands on this :P

Sadly, this is not a flawless kit... I came across 3 minor issues with my kit which I would highlight here...
  1. Some Fin Funnel parts (dark grey) that connect the fin to the middle section is slightly slanted, causing the fin slightly slanting to one side is under close examination but this flaw is not obvious at all :) - QC issue
  2. I'm having problem connecting the head to the neck joint... the distance between the head and the joint is too short so it also hinders the head movement once the head is connected to the neck... MC Model should redesign the head/neck joint. - design issue
  3. MC Model should consider using the LED unit used in most recent MG kits i.e. 00 Raiser instead of having us building the LED system everytime... Furthermore, the instruction manual also does not clearly illustrate the construction of the LED unit. - design issue.

The snap-fit is very nicely done as I do not have any issue at all snapfitting the whole kit. The transparent part for the eyes is very nice, but I do recommend painting the frame instead of using the sticker as there will be leakage of light (do refer to "The Head" section and see for yourself ;)).

Overall, this kit is still AWESOME and a MUST HAVE for SD lover or Hi-Nu fans ;) There is no so-call original for this kit (except the resin) so do get one before its too late.

Fin ;)


  1. hello...
    I'm having trouble with the ankle joint, the joint is small so I can't attach it to the foot joint, did you have trouble too? what should I do?

    1. I do not have any issue with the feet. Do check whether you have insert the leg part at the right direction and if you are using the right PC parts for the foot ;)

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  3. or I have to attach it hardly? I found it can be attach but rather loose lil' bit

  4. and one more thing, I found that the cylinder for covering the spring (for switch) is big so it's hard to put it inside the head..., did u find that one too?