Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HG GN Sword IV Full Saber Manual & Review (Bandai)

Hi folks! I've just got myself a complimentary HG 1/144 GN Sword IV Full Saber from my reseller friend :) For those who are interested, I've got 6 units from my friend selling at RM25/unit COD price.

I noticed that this add-on kit comes without the instruction manual so I have decided to do a community service by providing the scanned manual (in Chinese) for all of you who have purchased this ;)

Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG
Price: RM25

Part 0: The Manual

Well, here's your reference... you are used to Japanese manuals so don't complain for these Chinese manual ;)

Part 1: The Runners

There are 2 runners; one in Gundam blue and the other in transparent green ;) You just need to do partial coloring for white and gray.

Part 2: The Various Mode of GN Sword IV Full Saber

GN Sword IV Full Saber

GN Katar, GN Twin Blade & GN Blade

GN Rifle Mode 1 & GN Pistol

GN Rifle Mode 2 & GN Pistol

GN Cannon


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