Saturday, January 2, 2016

MG Launcher Strike (Dragon Momoko)

Hi folks :) Here is the Dragon Momoko Launcher Strike, plus mounting the Launcher Striker on the Skygrasper ;)

For those who misses the basic Strike Gundam, do refer here :)

Manufacturer: Dragon Momoko
Scale: 1/100
Grade: MG
Series: Gundam SEED
Price: RM90 - RM120

Section 1: Runners

This is an improved launcher compare to the Bandai's one :) There are more gimmicks and far better detailing than the original but the weight is one problem with these enhancement... Well, I can leave with it :)

Section 2: Shoulder Vulcan

A fantastic piece of equipment, and nice detailing :) Luckily, the shoulder is sturdy enough to hold the weight, and it just look amazing.

Section 3: Backpack

Nothing very particular about the backpack but nevertheless this is pretty good.

Section 4: Launcher Cannon

This is fantastic compare to the original one. All parts are good and nicely done, but do be caution on the right handle, as they seems to be easily detached/broken... perhaps we should use glue here instead.

Section 5: Launcher Strike

It looks fantastic, but also the killing weight... it is pretty tough to pose this fella without a stand, as it is very hard to balance.

Section 6: Launcher Striker on Skygrasper

The MG Skygrasper comes with a connector for the Launcher Cannon. (The left most in picture below)

As per the manual, and the designated mounting location, the launcher cannon is to be mounted below the left wing of the Skygrasper. Nevertheless, the weight of the launcher cannon is too heavy, and as you see in the following pictures, its not holding up properly.

Section 7: Launcher Striker on Skygrasper, Alternative

As an alternative of the original mounting location, I have made a simple swapping of LA1+LA5+LA8 with the LA3+LA4 on the connector 9<1> (with reference to Skygrasper manual), and using it to mount the Launcher cannon on the top side instead.

It looks and hold much better ;)

Section 8: Bonus Aile Strike

Some pictures of the Strike Gundam with Aile Striker :)

Quick Review

The plastic quality is very nice for a China made kit :) The detailing is simply amazing! Although this is molded with reference to resin kit, I would still like to thank Dragon Momoko for making it a plastic kit with full color separation for people like me ;)



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