Monday, July 8, 2013

Super-Sized Transformers Bumblebee (China)

Hi folks :) how have you been? It is a little different today since I am not doing a review on Gunpla but rather a Transformers... Bumblebee to be specific ;)

Manufacturer: China
Scale: 1/?
Origin: Transformers Movie
Price: RM220 excluding postage (Contact me at for latest pricing and availability)

What so special about this kit that I would to do a review? This is a super-sized kit that stands 42CM tall molded according to the original leader class Bumblebee :)

Section 1: Head

Detailing are quite alright :) A small disappointment is the visor is not moveable as compare to the original.

There's also no articulation for the head.

See the picture below? There are LED in the eyes that's light up with 6 types of sound effect by pressing the switch at the back of the head :P

Section 2: Chest

The chest is pretty neat and the transformation mechanism is nicely done.

Section 3: The Back

The back(pack) is consists of the front tyres, the door, and the car roof :)

This section is actually making the kit a bit back-heavy... the parts locking mechanisms are intact, and able to hold the door/tyres in-place despite they are a little heavy ;)

Section 4: Right Arm

The right arm is bee's primary weaponry. Articulations are pretty nice, and when pose at 90 degree elbow, the cannon could be pulled back (towards elbow) revealing the right hand (I prefer to cannon tho... the hand is ugly)...

The shoulder and elbow joints are with gear mechanism that provide more traction and locking mechanism while posing.

Section 5: The Left Arm

Similar articulation as the right arm, the left arm is pretty standard robotic humanoid hand with only 4 fingers :P

Same to the right arm, gear and locking mechanism presence ;)

Can you imaging the size of 42CM by now? No? Just look at the picture below where Bee is holding my HG 0 Gundam on his left hand...

Section 6: Abdomen

There's no articulation at the abdomen area. The main reason I have this section is to point out that you would need to separate the upper chest (the yellow parts) and the abdomen (the grey parts) by pulling them apart... the locking mechanism is pretty tight so you might need to apply certain level of force ;)

Section 7: The Legs

The legs are a little thin and a bit challenging with dynamic posing. The knee joints are a little tight so do apply force with care.

Section 8: Autobot Mode from Various Angles

Section 9: Vehicle Mode (Normal)

The Camaro is huge! Just look at the side-by-side with my HG 0 Gundam :P

Section 10: Vehicle Mode (Combat)

With shoulder firearms ;)

Section 11: Vehicle Mode (Hyper Action)

I still can't find a way to attach this add-on weaponry to the Autobot mode and not causing back-heavy :P

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

Detailing for this kit is pretty nicely done ;) Plastic is tough and the coloring is pretty decent too... look as if got pearl effect :)


Articulations are OK.
  • Head/Neck: Cannot move except the transformation mechanism.
  • Shoulder: Pretty Good ;)
  • Arm/Elbow: Pretty Good ;)
  • Wrist: None.
  • Hand: OK, for the left hand.
  • Waist: None.
  • Hip/Tight: Normal-
  • Knee: Normal-
  • Ankle: Good!
  • Feet: Normal!

Looks and Feels

SIZE DOES MATTER! This is a huge super-sized Bumblebee with very good detailing for a bootleg kit. Although the weight making it hard to pose without any supporting mechanism, this is still a must get if you can afford the space to display ;)

I don't care if you are die-hard Takara or Hasbro fan, you cannot get Bumblebee at this size from them so my advice is grab this if you see one ;)

Just in case you don't know, there are currently 4 super-sized Transformers in the market, namely Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Megatron (DOTM ver).

Fin ;)


  1. NICE REVIEW! Thanks for making this! I would love to see reviews of next knock off TF figures!

  2. Hahaha wow, 1/144 0 gundam looks like an average person when sitting next to this thing