Friday, June 14, 2013

HG AMX-004 Qubeley Advanced (MC Model)

Hi folks :) Here's the latest of MC Model HG... Qubeley Advanced!

Manufacturer: MC Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG Advanced
Origin: Z Gundam 

Price: RM120 excluding postage (Contact me at for availability)

Please take note that I did minor coloring and panel lining ;)

Section 1: Runners

Detailing are fantastic here! Color and part separations are pretty nicely done.

The plastics quality is pretty good but not entirely consistence... some parts a glossier but they won't be after applying a layer of top coat. (Notice: You will definitely need a layer of top coat for protection if you want to apply the water decals)

Section 2: 1st Batch Premium

The 1st batch premium comes with am action stand and 10 sets of funnel effect inclusive of booster effect, connectors, and plastic rods. All parts are in clear state so you can paint them to the color of your liking ;)

This seems like a sales preach, but I want to urge those who are interested to quickly grab one (or few) while stocks are still available... you do not want to wait until something like the HG Hi-Nu Advance where it is asking for RM200 - 250 per unit.

Section 3: Stickers & Decals

This kit comes with a sheet of foil stickers and a sheet of water decals.

The foil stickers are in pretty good quality and good for straight builder but can be ignored entirely if you are going to paint the kit :P

As for the water decal, MC Model is claiming a new technology and they are supposed to be applied face-down; it is not printed wrongly :)

I shall do a separate blog on the decal application later ;)

Section 4: Premium Action Stand

This is the action stand that comes as 1st batch premium. It looks pretty awesome with the butterfly but too wobbly to support the weight of the Qubeley with the funnel effects... Perhaps adding more weight at the bottom base would solve the problem ;)

Section 5: Legs

From here on, I will be comparing with Bandai HG Qubeley side-by-side. Do take note that Bandai's Qubeley will always be on the left side.

Detailing and parts separations are fantastic! Snap-fitting is excellent as well. I do find it a little strange with the joint designs of the entire leg from hip to knee to ankle...

Articulations are actually below par comparing with other HGs... the MC Model version actually poorer compare to the original Bandai Qubeley.

Section 6: Waist Unit

The waist unit is excellent with all the additional detailing. I painted the side with a bit of Gun Metal using Gundam Marker ;)

Section 7: Lower Body

You can see now, the MC Model HG Qubeley is at least 2CM taller than the original ;)

Section 8: Chest Unit

By the look in the picture below, there's not much difference between the two but the 2 sides of the chest unit is articulated in the MC Model Qubeley.

From the side, we can see that the upper and lower torso actually in a slanting formation that makes a nicer standing pose but by doing this, MC Model actually gave up the torso articulation that are in the original.

And of cause, the MC Model version have more detailing as usual ;)

Chest Unit connected to Lower Body

Section 9: Tail Binder

This is where Qubeley stores a total of 10 funnels. The only significant difference between the 2 is the way this tail binder connecting to the body, other then the usual size and detailing.

Section 10: Head Unit

Not much difference by the look, but combine with the neck joint mechanism, the original actually having better head/neck articulation with the look-up pose...

Section 11: Arms & Shoulder Binders

The design and detailing here are awesome! Instead of the short and fat impression, the Qubeley Advanced gives me the very elegant feeling ;)

Coming to articulations, the shoulder binders are still acceptable but the upper arm and the elbow are just horrible. I guess this is the price to pay with such overwhelming detailing :P

Due to the span of the binders, I just did comparison with 1 arm each so that you can see better ;)

Section 12: Bandai vs. MC Model

Just for the fun of comparison and saying the obvious...
  • Overall Proportion: MC Model
  • Detailing: MC Model
  • Parts Separation: MC Model
  • Color Separation: MC Model
  • Articulations: Bandai
Just see it for yourself ;)

Section 13: MC Model Qubeley

We have got to be done with these for the time being. I will created another topic for applying the new water decal and posing with the funnel effect parts in the near future ;)

Quick Review

Plastic Quality and Detailing

As per the usual track record of MC Model, detailing & parts separations are fantastic, with very good color separations.

The plastics quality is pretty good, although some parts are a little glossier than the other.


Articulations are the ultimate failure of this kit...

  • Head/Neck: Bad.
  • Shoulder: Normal.
  • Arm/Elbow: Bad.
  • Wrist: Normal, with ordinary wrist movement.
  • Hand: Normal, with HG fixed hands.
  • Waist: Good.
  • Skirt Armour: Good.
  • Hip/Tight: Good!
  • Knee: Bad.
  • Ankle: Bad.

Looks and Feels

This Qubeley Advanced is just too beautiful! With the Butterfly-based action stand and the funnel effect parts that come as 1st batch premium, no UC fan can (or should) resist! 

Its beauty is more than enough to overcome the flaws in bad articulations :) 

There is nothing more I would say but this...


Fin :)


  1. Any size comparison with the other HG MC Model kits? I'm quite itching to get one of these, but worried that it may be a LOT bigger than the Gundooms...

  2. nice detail but the articulations is.... T_T

  3. Got mine last month and it still comes with the base and the effects parts. Haven't started bulding it yet. Just waiting for the right time to get to it hehehehe