Monday, September 24, 2012

[LBX] Custom Effect 005

I am not a LBX collector but I found that their custom effects are pretty nice and very good for modding even on GUNPLA so I shall do review on those I find interesting ;)

Section 1: Runners

Not a lot of parts... just 2 wings, the connectors, the spear (in transparent blue), and a stand for LBX that is compatible with HG 3mm PC part ;)

The Wings have nice detailing and will be nice with minor coloring or panel lining with pencil ;)

Section 2: Individual Parts

These pictures explain themselves ;)

Section 3: The Completed Wing ;)

Section 4: Using the Custom Effect on HG Gundam Nadleeh ;)

I don't have any LBX so I use my HG Gundam Nadleeh instead... no modification, just put in the connector part in between the waist ;)

Fin ;)

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