Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HG FA-93 Nu Gundoom Heavy Weapon System (MC Model)

Hi guys :) how's things? For those whose followed my blog regularly, I'm sure you are expecting this ;) Yes, the Mc Model Nu Gundoom Heavy Weapon System (HWS).

Manufacturer: Mc Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG

Origin: Char's Counter Attack Side Story
Price: RM95 - RM125 (could be higher...)

Mc Model never seize to amaze, and never seize to squeeze every cents possible with the HG Nu Gundoom series coming out with the Heavy Weapon System of Nu Gundoom ;)

Part 1: Box Art

Pretty impressive box art, and the box a actually VERY BIG consider this is only a HG! The side arts itself already illustrated the possible posing of the HWS which are very nicely done ;)

As usual for Mc Model, the inner box had the Amuro emblem and the instruction manual is very very nice.

Part 2: Runners

At the first glance, I am quite disappointed due to the whites are greyish in color... same issue with the SD Ex-S Gundoom and 2nd batch of HG Hi-Nu Gundoom released a while ago... it does not affect the overall quality of the kit but the discoloration is disappointing to straight-builder like me, and should not be happening should Mc Model value their reputation!

Part 3: Stickers, Decals and Extras

This kit comes with the usual stickers for the eyes and sensors, as well as part of the fin funnels. As the premium for 1st batch (as I was told), there's also a set of water slides decals given, which is a very nice addition to make the kit nicer ;)

There is also a very thoughtful extra which is a small paper box resemble the miniaturize model box for us modeller to keep the extra/unused parts :)

Part 4: Weaponry

Yes, I start with weaponry for this kit... well, at least the Heavy Weapons :P

The Big Big Cannon

I love this cannon! It is MASSIVE with SUPERB detailing, and is taller/longer than a HG RX-78-2! As you could see from the pictures below, this cannon can expand to an even longer mode! Easily the best weapon so far I have assembled for gunpla ;)

The Big Big Shield

This big shield would be second to GP02A massive shield :) Nice detailing.

I know there are the beam rifle, bazooka and beam sabers but since they are the same as the earlier Nu Gundoom, I'll leave them to later ;)

Part 5: Legs

The legs are very nicely done. Great detailing similar to the earlier Nu Gundoom, with the exact same design ;) The legs seems longer than the Nu Gundoom (left) due to the "high-heel"... the additional feet armor add-on :P

When I were doing my Nu Gundoom previously, I used silver color to panel line the darker parts so I decided to use gold color for the HWS, and the result is satisfactory ;)

The articulations are pretty good for a HG.

Parts 6: Waist

The additional skirt armors are very done with excellent detailing! I just wish that the thrusters at the front skirt are separated ;)

By the way, I did not take a picture but the front skirt armor could be lowered to show the missiles pods ;)

Legs + Waist

Looks pretty nice ;)

Part 7: Body & Backpack

The body are also very nicely done, but most of the details are hidden under the additional armor :P The shoulder missile pods are all white but I'd colored them red instead.

There are pretty good detailing for the backpack. I also colored the thrusters with gold color to make it looks nicer than it already has :) Same as the previous Nu Gundoom, the weapon holder at the left and right side of the backpack could be swapped for double-fin-funnels configuration like what I did to my Nu Gundoom at the left, the standard configuration (left - Fin Funnel, right - beam saber) or the double-bazooka configuration using the beam saber holder at both side ;)

Body + Waist + Legs

Part 8: Shoulders

The basic shoulders are same as Nu Gundoom, and the additional armor just fit on top of the basic :) I am a little disappointed for this piece as the seam lines are very obvious and the alignment is a bit off as you can see from the 2nd picture below... this should have been done with 3-piece (top/left/right) instead of 2-piece (left/right).

Part 9: Arms

Nu Gundoom has different setup for its left and right arm. Detailing are very nice and articulations, including the shoulder, are pretty nicely maintained.

Right Arm

Left Arm

Body + Arms + Waist + Legs

Part 10: Head

A lot of people does not like the head, but I like the detailing and the way it is made... the helmet, the face and the chin are all separate 1-piece, with the face and chin are slotted into the helmet from bottom. This thoughtful parts separation would be cheered by a lot of modellers who like to paint their kit ;)

Head + the Rest...

Part 11: Completed Kit with Fin Funnels

Side-by-side comparison between Nu Gundoom and the HWS version ;)

Part 12: Rest of the Weapons

Hyper Bazooka

Exactly the same as previous, only the greyish white this time :(

Beam Rifle

Exactly the same as previous too, with only the greyish white this time :(


Well... there's this Big Big shield clipped on to the normal shield for the HWS ;) It would look nicer after I complete the application of water-slide decals ;)

Part 13: More Posing

Here's the normal HWS configuration, but there's a lot of possibility with this model especially those who have got the normal HG Nu Gundoom from Mc Model previously ;)

Quadruple Beam Saber Configuration

Ultimate close-range combat ... borrowed 2 bran sabers from Nu Gundoom ;)

Quadruple Hyper-Bazookas Configuration

Maximum fire power! Well, you know where the other 2 hyper bazooka comes from ;)

Twin Fin-Funnels Configuration

Ultimate assault configuration ;) This kit only comes with 1 set of Fin Funnels so you've got to "borrow" them from the Nu Gundoom :P

Size Comparison

Side-by-side with HGUC 1/144 RX-78-2 G30th and MG Deathscythe EW.

Quick Review

Plastic quality

The plastic is softer than the like of Bandai and TT Hongli, so extra caution needed when trimming as one might over-trim.


As usual for Mc Model, the detailing is very nicely done. You might want to consider panel line with gold/silver ;)


Articulations are pretty nicely done ;)
  • Head/Neck: Good, but useless since the head is sandwiched between the 2 missile pods :P
  • Shoulder: Fantastic! Very highly pose-able.
  • Arm/Elbow: Good.
  • Wrist: Normal.
  • Hand: Fixed hand, but nice selection given ;)
  • Waist: Good.
  • Skirt Armour: Good.
  • Hip/Tight: Normal, as ball-joints are used.
  • Knee: Good.
  • Ankle: Normal+

Looks and Feels

The end product is as tall as the Gundam W MG series such as Deathscythe EW, and almost twice as tall as an ordinary HGUC kit!

Initially, I do not intend to get this since I have had the normal Nu Gundoom but I do not regret getting this once I started with the big big cannon and big big shield ;)

This kit is as expensive as the Bandai counterpart, but with the same amount of money, I would spend on this kit rather than the Bandai kit... to proof this, I do not own a Bandai Nu Gundam HWS at all :P

I usually recommend people to support the original, but that statement does not apply to this kit! For those who missed the Nu Gundoom, or those who have the intention to get the Bandai Nu Gundam HWS, get THIS instead ;)



  1. cool i have a 1/44 RX-93!! that was so awesome!!! im going to get that one also!!

  2. Replies
    1. I do not have ex-stock for this anymore but can do pre-order. Please drop me an email at duelmasterng@yahoo.com if you are interested.

  3. can i convert this to normal RX-93 only just by removing additional armor?

    1. thank you for your response, i guess i want to get this HWS instead of normal Nu Gundoom. i just get hesitate because i've read somewhere that Nu HWS cant be smoothly converted to normal Nu because some parts of normal Nu that doesnt included in HWS version.