Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Muv-Luv Alternative - Takemikazuchi Type-00R (Kotobukiya)

Hi guys :)

I'm going to do a quick review of Kotobukiya's Takemikazuchi Type-00R from Muv-Luv Alternative series ;) This kit is amazing, and the series is one from Kotobukiya that could rival the quality of their SRW series.

This kit is highly articulated and very pose-able, and parts separation are done pretty well too, except for the machine gun (could be better).

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Scale: Non-scale
Origin: Muv-Luv Alternative
Price: RM177

Part 1: Legs & Feet

The legs are pretty well-done. Parts separation is done nicely and the diamond-shape clear parts are included within ;)

The ankle is very nicely done which allows very good posing you could observe from the picture in the later part of this review ;) The knee articulation is a bit lacking (about 90 degrees...) but the ankle articulation saves the day.

Part 2: Lower Body (Torso, Hip & Legs)

The hip is connected via ball joints. I have reservation on the toughness of the joints but otherwise everything seems fine. The front skirt is moveable separately so it would not get into the way when doing some extreme pose ;) The tights can pose front and back, but kind of limited for side way due the ball joints.

There is a parts resemble the lower abdomen that's always pop out while posing and is advisable to apply some modelling glue just enough to hold it in its place.

Part 3: Side Skirt/Thrusters

I'd observed that these could be a common parts for Muv-Luv mecha, as the same parts are also used in the Shiranui Nigata ;) I did not follow the series but I would assume these are thrusters...

These thrusters are attached to the back of the tights so it moves along during posing, this is good ;) It also moveable at the connection point with a ball joint which allows excellent pose-ability.

Part 4: Upper Body

The upper body is very nicely done. It connects to the lower body via another ball joint. The upper body could rotate left and right within any obstruction, and it also capable for a small level of tilting due to the ball joint ;)

Part 5: Shoulder

The shoulder is one complicated piece,not :p It provides excellent articulation for the arms and is very nicely done ;)

Part 6: Arms and Hands

Not much surprise for the arms, but I must say it is nicely done with good detailing ;) As for the hands, it comes with a pair of open hands, a pair of closed fists, a pair of machine-gun-holding hand, and 2 pair of Katana-holding hand totaling to 10 pieces, and this is great!

Part 7: Complete Mecha, with the Head and Shoulder Armour

Well, here's the complete mecha with the head and shoulder armour ;) Both the head and the shoulder armours are done excellently! The only issue at this stage is the stability of the kit in standing pose, as the thrusters are pretty heavy in comparison to the weight of the kit.

Part 8: Weaponry and Accessories

There are a lot of weapons...
  • 2x Katanas
  • 4x Machine Guns
  • 2x Assault Knife
  • 2x Large Conceal Blade (mounted at the front of the arm armour/shield)
  • 4x Small Conceal Blade (mounted at the rare of the arm armour/shield)
and accessories...
  • 2x Katana mounting
  • 2x Katana mounting (katana detached)
  • 2x Machine gun mounting
  • 2x Machine gun mounting (gun detached)
  • 2x Machine gun mounting (gun deploy mode)
  • 5 pairs of hands

Gun Blazing Mode

... with 2 machine guns in hand and 2 more mounted at the back ;)

Close Combat Mode

... with 2 Katanas in hand and 2 machine guns mounted at the back ;)

Quick Review

Plastic quality

The plastic very nice ;) They are thinner as compare to Bandai's kit so it gives the fragile feeling to me but otherwise they are good.

  • Head/Neck: Fantastic :)
  • Shoulder: Fantastic! Very highly pose-able.
  • Arm/Elbow: Normal.
  • Wrist: Normal.
  • Waist: Very good! 360 degree without obstructions ;)
  • Skirt Armour: Very good ;)
  • Hip/Tight: Pretty good... just a bit limited for side-way movement due to the ball joint.
  • Knee: Normal.
  • Ankle: Excellent!

Looks and Feels

AWESOME! This kit is very pose-able and would be a good addition to your non-Bandai collection.

I am very happy with this model ;) Although some parts/accessories will fall off while changing pose (common flaw in Kotobukiya kits), this is an EXCELLENT kit for your consideration ;)

Fin ;)


  1. Wow, nice kit you have there :D But did you paint it? Or it was already like that from the package?

    I want to buy Yui Takamura's Takemikazuchi which is a bit overpriced imo. And I have almost no experience in painting. So I think it'll be a waste for me to buy if it still need painting ^^

    1. This is out-of-the-box build ;) no estra coloring except panel living ;)

  2. wow! now i want this one too! T__T

    do you follow the series? I've only following the anime but haven't played the VNs :D

    1. I do not follow the series closely but do read the comics somewhere ;)

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  4. Dude, i wonder why your takemikazuchi doesn't have red nails on its fingers ?
    Did you miss it ?..

    and one more question, are the red marks on its head stickers or attachable parts ?

    hmm i don't see any display base too.. it's not included ?

    1. There is no red nail parts for this model... The head, they are red semi-transparent parts ;) kotobukiya does not give any sticker for this kit.

    2. ooh..But on box cover it has really cool red nails :(..

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