Friday, April 22, 2011

HG RX-93-2 Hi-Nu Gundoom (MC Model)

Finally, the McModel Hi-Nu Gundoom has reached my hand!

Yeah, I have gotten this from my supplier friend special shipment and I'm going to do a straight-build review for this devil similar to what I did to its brother, the RX-93 Nu Gundoom some time ago ;)

Let's start with some basic information...

Manufacturer: MC Model (
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG Evolved
Origin: Side Story
Price: RM90 - RM120

Box-Art, Box Size, and Unboxing

The box is pretty big for a HG model... its size is similar to those like MG Zeta 2.0 and Strike Freedom which has a larger box, and it is almost twice as big as the brother RX-93 Nu Gundoom's box.

The box-arts are pretty nice too ;)

Side-by-side With RX-93 Nu Gundoom Box

The Inner Box

The Contents

... let's move on to my work in progress...

Part 1: Leg

At 1st, my intention is only to compare the McModel Hi-Nu with Bandai Hi-Nu, but when I am typing this, I thought what-the-hell... since I have the Nu and Hi-Nu from both manufacturer, I shall do the review and comparison with these 4 kits instead! More photos shall be taken over the weekend ;)

From left to right, McModel Hi-Nu, McModel Hu, Bandai Nu, Bandai Hi Nu. As you can see, the tight of McModel Hi-Nu is about 1 cm longer than the Nu. Apparently Bandai Hi-Nu have shorter legs than Bandai Nu by about 1 cm, so as a result, McModel Hi-Nu's leg is 2 cm longer than Bandai Hi-Nu.

The detailing of McModel Hi-Nu's legs are very nicely done, and I love them very much :) Instead of the ordinary black/gray colour, I have decided to use blue for panel lining. You can see from the picture above as to how much taller the McModel Hi-Nu would be compare to Bandai's just by the leg department :p

Although I said straight-build... I did colour the thrusters with Tamiya Silver Marker ;)

As for the ankle movement, both McModel and Bandai did some great job! Due to the extensive detailing of McModel for the back of the leg, the bending of the knee is a bit hindered by the small piece of plastics just right below, but that does not create any problem at all ;)

Part 2: Lower Body (Torso, Hip & Legs)

The torso and hip area does not vary much in size, but the detailing of the McModel Hi-Nu is fantastic! The only disappointment is the blue section of the front skirt is by coloured sticker instead of directly colour-molded with blue :(

Part 3: Upper Body and Head

You can see that the upper body of the McModel Hi-Nu is quite the same size with the Nu Gundam of McModel and Bandai... it is just the the Bandai Hi-Nu is a little smaller...

Once again, the additional detailing is great by McModel!

Part 4: Arms

The arms of the McModel Hi-Nu is of the same length with both Nu from McModel and Bandai. As expected, the arm of Bandai Hi-Nu is shorter...

McModel did some great modification to the forearm... there is a special compartment in the left forearm that can be mounted with the special beam saber, which is very nicely done! More pictures of this later ;)

Part 5: Main Mecha

Well, the main mecha is done so I am comparing the 2 pairs side-by-side ;) As you can see, McModel Nu and Bandai Nu are more or less the same size, and the McModel Hi-Nu is taller by about 1 cm due to the long tight you saw from the earlier pictures.

Bandai Hi-Nu is short standing next to Bandai Nu, not to mention standing besides McModel Hi-Nu :p Like little kid!

More pictures with both Hi-Nu standing side-by-side without the accessories :p

Part 6: Complete Backpack, Extended Thrusters & Fin Funnel System

The extended thrusters looks awesome! Good job McModel!

The fin funnel system is very nicely done! All 6 fin funnels are detachable and transformable, not as cheapskate as Bandai where only the topmost fin funnels from both side could be detached where the other 4 are dummies... It really pisses me off when I first got the Bandai Hi-Nu and noticed being cheated by Bandai!

McModel is standing tall against Bandai!

Part 7: Shields

From left, McModel Nu, McModel Hi-Nu, Bandai Hi-Nu, Bandai Nu. I like the shield of McModel Nu the most ;)

Quick Review

Plastic quality
the plastic is a bit soft, need to be a bit careful scraping of the nub marks and sanding, otherwise all are good ;)

  • Head/Neck: Fantastic :) Same as Bandai.
  • Shoulder: Bandai's shoulder armour is attached to the shoulder, where McModel's similar to the Nu, which is a separate piece all together... Bravo to McModel!
  • Arm/Elbow: As good as Bandai... No surprise in this area :p
  • Wrist: No surprise in this area too :p
  • Waist: As good as Bandai :)
  • Skirt Armour: The back skirt armour could move, which provides better leg movement and pose-ability ;)
  • Hip/Tight: As good as Bandai :)
  • Knee: A little obstruction due to the heavily molded leg but still good ;)
  • Ankle: Excellent!

Looks and Feels
AWESOME x 1000!!!

I am very very happy with this model ;) All Gundam fan should get one! Here's a picture of the McModel Hi-Nu with my 1/100 Exia Avalanche for size reference.

Posing without the Wing of Light

Wing of Light

Roll-Out ;)

Fin for now until decal time ;)


  1. Bro, just curious,
    Will this item be selling at a high price?
    Considering it's special effects wings and its limited ?
    Cause i'm out of cash for now, but hope to get it in future if anybody is still selling it

  2. Weyliam, seriously this model will go way high price bro :) coz of the limited edition parts.. well, the price I'm selling now is oso RM95.. my second batch, I got order a couple of boxes.. not so early reach oso ...

  3. Bandai didn't screw HGUC Nu nor HGUC Hi-Nu's scale. Hi-Nu Gundam (20 meter) is officially less taller than Nu Gundam (22 meter). McModel for some reason upscaled the Hi-Nu.
    Anyway, nice review. I was never interested in bootlegs until this one, especially since the original HGUC Hi-Nu was so underwhelming compared to the HGUC Nu. Already ordered mine. :)

  4. If not buy this Mc Model Hi-nu will regret for the rest of their life :) haha!

  5. hahahaha... buy 1 to build, buy another 1 to mod, and 1 more to keep :p

  6. haha... I prefer buy 5 boxes.. :)

    1 to built, 1 to mod, 3 to sell at higher price when the stocks become RARE :P

  7. where can I get this kit?

  8. temporarily out-of-stock in the market... check out or

  9. Hmm are there any other variant Models out there that look better than the bandai originals? (Like a 1/100 Nobell MG?)

  10. There are quite some models out there are better than Bandai's offering we usually call them Resin Kit.
    But usually, resin kit is much more expensive thatn Bandai (3x to 10x), and some of them do not come with colour (you would need to paint them).
    MCModel's Nu and Hi-Nu is based on one of the Evolved series of resin kit... one very famous resin kit production house is G-Systems so you might want to google it ;)

  11. i wan this kit~~but hard 2 find now~~haiz~~~

  12. Well... you could wait for the upcoming batches without the wing of light and the long soul cleaver which should hit our shore soon, if anyone would to bring that in ;)

  13. gonna get mine soon but unfortunately it's without the wing of light and the soul cleaver. i don mind the wing of light but i love the soul cleaver :(

  14. At least you still can get the 2nd batch ;)

  15. is there any restock for this model?

    1. Do drop me an email at for inquiry ;)

  16. So...the new edition of this didn't include the wing of light and soul cleaver, eh? that's a shame :(

  17. Which edition got wing of lights version?

  18. What is the actual size of both mc model